Beat the Examination Stress of Your Child

A lot of students find examinations stressful. School students fear tests and often develop problems due to this fear. Many students think that they will not be able to perform well in the examination. They think about the consequences and become more stressed and anxious about the result.

This fear of failure and some other issues cause them to develop a phobia for examinations.  This can cause the students to become sick during the tests and can also cause a mental breakdown. Many students also develop the habit of using wrong and unlawful methods to encounter this fear.

As a parent, you can help them to face their fear and win it. If you help them they can easily perform well in the examination and leave all the stress behind. Many students become anxious by just facing math worksheets for class 7 CBSE. So, if you want your child to be released from the examination phobia then read this article to know more about the tips and methods.

  • Identify the signs of stress

If children become anxious or stressed then they show signs through their behavior. Their behavior may change suddenly. Try to pick the signs so that you can help. If your child starts to sleep more or eats more before the examination they are stressed. Many students cannot sleep or eat properly before the examination. Some children become isolated and fatigued or irritated. In some cases, students complain about headaches and other problems like dizziness. If your child displays any of these signs then you need to understand that they are stressed about the upcoming examinations.

  • Try to guide them while they are studying

You can sit with them and help them revise or solve questions from 7th class maths study material CBSE other books as per their syllabus. Children usually feel calm if they are with their parents and can get some relief and can study properly.

  • Comfort them

If you see the above-mentioned signs then it will be the best way to comfort them. Try to make them realize that you are with them no matter what happens and you will always love them. This will help the child get motivated and they will be able to face their fears.

  • Encourage them to take breaks

Many students choose to study for long hours before the examination. This can be fatal. Students can forget important points due to excessive studying and it can also make them fatigued. Instead, encourage them to take breaks between the study hours so that their mind gets some refreshment.

  •  Keep a watch on their diet and lifestyle

Try to give your children a balanced diet and leafy vegetables so that they get enough calories and also remain in good health. Also, keep a tab on their lifestyle. Encourage them to exercise and meditate s that they can relax and feel calm inside.

  • Help them to learn about failure

You need to help your children to understand that examinations are a part of life and these examinations and a single test mark can define their talent.

If you make them realize that you are a parent who supports your children and loves them they will let their fear of examinations go away and perform well in the examinations.

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