Best Ways To Improve SEO Rankings in 2020

SEO is amongst the most recent marketing methods out there, and it is also amazingly fast-paced. It seems almost nothing similar to what it looked when started.

While a fundamental principle stays the same —Search Engine Optimization is about making sites easy to discover and understand — these tactics included are quite different than they’re some 15, 10, 5, & even a year ago

So what’re the most significant Search Engine Optimization trends for the year 2020 and how can one go on to implement them?

Here is presenting you all with what one would know the latest SEO trends in 2020 and 2021, alongside the key steps for executing these tactics and trends.

1: Mobile and the Voice Search

Nobody still knows how big the voice search is, however, what is known is that mobile search is surely going pretty strong, and there are sources to ensure that:

  • Back in the year 2015, Google went on to reveal that more individuals were using the mobile search than a desktop search in around ten countries, including Japan and the US.
  • In the year 2018, over half of the site traffic in the United States was coming from mobile devices.
  • In the year gone by consumers spent 3 and 1/2 hours a day on mobile devices.

As a result, Google has apparently switched its preferences by introducing the Mobile-First Index, meaning that Google predominantly utilizes a mobile version of the page for ranking and indexing. In simple words, if the page does not look good on the mobile device, or when the mobile version has got less content, one may lose the rankings in both desktop and mobile search results.

Given that mobile device users quite often use the voice search to get answers whilst on the go, it’s safe to consider that the voice search is getting very popular, and this couple of trends are well connected:

  • Both the mobile alongside voice users are quite likely to be seeing for answers while in the middle of some task (so they require clear, short answers straight away)
  • In both cases, a top result (is often a featured snippet) is what matters. So the competition now is for the top result, versus the top five positions.

How do you Optimize Your Website for Voice Search and Mobile?

  • Make your website mobile-friendly and quick (the speed of the page is crucial!)
    • Adapt the content strategy in order to catch the featured snippet chances to outrank the competitors. Mobile users hardly have time when it comes to scrolling, and with voice search, there is only one consequence being read to a user. This goes on to make featured snippet optimization amazingly essential for the online visibility — you’re either there & if not then nowhere.`

2: The Semantic Search along with the Intent Optimization

Google walked away from an exact-matching KW optimization a few years ago, yet the industry is slightly slow to keep up. In modern days, Google does not utilize the actual sequence of the words that are typed in the search box. Instead, it seems at a query context and explains the potential search intent to produce the results.

How do you Optimize Content for the Semantic Search and the Search Intent?

Just Searching Google itself to get a hint of how it’s interpreting the query is an excellent first step. Look for several other ways that Google is trying to resolve the issue for a user.

Using the semantic research tool for anonymous content is another fine idea. The text Optimizer is a purpose optimization program that assists you to cluster the search query into related concepts and entities. It goes on to use Google’s search snippets in order to come along with ideas to increase the initial copy to offer more solutions and then meet Google’s and users’ needs.

3: SERP Marketing and the Content Diversification

For several years, Google has now been taking steps in order to become the destination, not only the discovery project. With the knowledge graph, fast answers, & visual and interactive results, Google is making a terminal resource that may give complete answers to almost any query.

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Within a search result page, you will see:

  1. Travel suggestions/
  2. The Knowledge Graph (including maps, basic facts, user reviews, etc.)
  3. Some Related videos (This very search component is interactive as you may scroll across the carousel in order to see more & more videos)
  4. Results that reads “People Also Ask” (Again, this box is pretty interactive: One can click any given question to read out the answers and increase the follow-up question. Interestingly, the question one click defines the further question or topic that appears.)
  5. The visual consequences including further related destinations, similar searches, and more.
  6. Organic “text” consequences which are anyhow lost in-between

And this is exactly where that concept of “SERP marketing” distorts: one needs to stop aiming at an organic listing and begin optimizing for all other search components, including images, videos, and “fast-answer” sections.

You require to take each and every search result page as a whole to obtain brand visibility beyond.

4: The Structured Data

This past year has been big for semantic data, with Google updating the initial guidelines and appending support for newer kinds of structured data, including the fact-check, FAQPage, and more. It’s kind of very clear that Google is more than interested in securing more data from the pages and offering publishers more appearance in return.

All this while, the good news is it gives Search Engine Optimizations a competitive benefit over those site owners who’re not really keeping up with Google’s moves.

Search Engine Optimization is moving quite fast — it’s a very appealing industry for one to be in. Right from the initial days on, those individuals who’re fast to “get it” happened to found themselves quite ahead of the slower-moving rivals. You may go on to use these tools and the tips mentioned above to get ahead of the rivals from here on and look forward to excelling in 2020. Read Here : Thoughtsexplorer

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