Do’s and Don’ts: How to pick the right kind of wooden furniture

Furniture makes a space functional and enhances the way you live. So, it is important to be clear about what you need before buying any kind of wooden furniture. You could be aiming at creating more seating space or wanting to fill that empty space in your bedroom. And then, there are other constraints such as space and budget. Every piece of furniture is an investment. It is important to weigh both—your needs and constraints before making the big purchase, especially if it is wooden furniture.

The do’s of purchasing wooden furniture:

  1. Type of wood: Wooden furniture usually refers to solid wood—either hardwood or softwood which directly come from trees. Wooden furniture may also be made from engineered wood, a composite of real wood and synthetic materials. Furniture made from hardwood is durable, lasts longer and expensive. The best choice under engineered wood would be plywood that not only looks good but is also strong. The other kinds of engineered wood include MDF and particle boards are not as strong as wood and may not also withstand humidity and hot temperature.
  2. Dimensions: Before you make that big purchase, do not forget to measure the space where you intend to place the furniture. It is also wise to measure the height and width of the doorways from where the furniture will have to move through to reach the final destination. Also, think of other passages such as elevators, stairways and hallways. If you plan to visit a furniture store, do not hesitate to ask for the dimensions of the selected piece. If you plan to buy wooden furniture online, do note down and compare the width, depth and height of the selected wooden furniture piece before buying.
  3. Compare styles, fills and fabrics: Make sure you sit on different styles of wooden sofas before choosing the one you like. It could be a traditional seven-seater sofa or an L-shape sofa, imagine how a particular piece of furniture will fit in your space. Also, check the fills. Comfort is subjective; it means different things to different people. Some may like firm fills on a couch, while others may like to sink in. Another important thing is the upholstery fabric. Many factors such as aesthetics, comfort, and even pets play a critical role in decision making. For example, though leather is durable and easy to clean, may not be a good option if you have pets at home.
  4. Inspect wooden furniture: Wooden furniture has its own charm and can spruce up any space. However, check for its features, especially sturdiness, before buying any type of wooden furniture—things like are its doors and drawers aligned, do they open and shut smoothly etc. Check if the finishing is done right by running your hand over the furniture. It should be smooth to touch and feel.
  5. Warranty: Check if the wooden furniture you intend to buy is covered under warranty. This will help you to maintain it in the long run.

Don’ts of buying wooden furniture

  1. Buy all the furniture in one go: You may be tempted to buy all the heavy wooden pieces such as a bed, dining table and sofa set in one go. And, it may be time saving and cost-effective to do so. But, it will not be a wise decision. Always buy the main pieces first before adding additional pieces of furniture. You may want to see how a certain piece of furniture looks in your house before filling up space.
  2. Ignore your lifestyle: Select furniture that suits your lifestyle, whether you are buying wooden furniture online or from a store. For instance, if you have young children at home, do not choose furniture items with sharp edges.
  3. Overlook maintenance needs: You may need to care for and maintain some furniture pieces more than others. Wooden furniture in particular may require extra care. Ask the seller about the wood finish and durability. Also, check how it should be cleaned and with what products.
  4. Exceed your budget: This is the most damaging thing one can do while purchasing wooden furniture pieces. It is important to set up a price range and stick to it. Do not get swayed away by attractive designs, how much ever cost-efficient they may seem. You may also want to factor in delivery charges in the overall cost.
  5. Choose something that doesn’t match what you already have: You may end up denting your pockets if you don’t consider how the new piece of furniture will fit in with the rest of the furniture at your home. A piece of furniture put on display in a showroom may look very different in your home. So choose wisely.

Wooden furniture never goes out of style. Be it traditional or modern designs, wood furniture elevates the aesthetics of the space it is set in. But that does not mean, any wooden furniture can be placed anywhere. If not picked smartly, considering the do’s and don’ts of it, the purchase can backfire like no other. After all, how often do you change the furniture at home? So, be smart and choose right.

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