Emergence of Online Coaching in India

COVID- 19 is wreaking havoc on a global scale with more than 7 million cases around the world and over 3 lacs cases in India. With the lockdown in place in several nations, the fundamental ways of several activities of a person’s lifestyle will now be done in a digital fashion. There has been a shift from the traditional ways to the digital means in almost all aspects of business & operations in most of the countries.

One such major paradigm shift that India has encountered is in the educational sector. This sector has seen a series of reforms and improved layouts in recent times that will most definitely transform the very face of education in India. The educational sector in India is one of the biggest sectors with $91.7 billion in FY-18 and on an upward graph with an estimated $101.1 billion in FY-19. India is the second largest market for E-Learning in the world after the U.S.

The social distancing concept brought to us by the novel coronavirus is driving the educational institutions of every size to shift their educational activities, lectures, and exams online. Today, each one of these educational activities has a digital twin, and hence moving online is the best alternative to look at. The companies selling educational technologies have become prominent to deliver the exponential demands of online learning tools, products, and platforms. Students can access the top courses for exams delivered by expert teachers and attempt test series on platforms like Testbook.com.

There has always been a debate between the experts on the difference in the learning experience between online education and traditional classroom education as they both have their own superiority. Although, there is a difference between fully planned online courses and real-time, learning-based platforms like Zoom, Hangouts, MS Team, etc.

Why Will E-Learning Become a Trend in Educational Space?

1.   Reach

Top on the list is the Reach – For a lot of students living in Tier 2/ Tier 3 and rural clusters, E-Learning becomes an easy, affordable, and a reliable way of education. Affordable high-speed internet encourages students to study online & Improve their skills and knowledge using even their smartphones.

2.   Guardian Up-vote

The second reason to be taken into account is the Guardian Up-vote. Parents of the students get a chance to experience the quality of education their child is receiving. This enriches their confidence in the said education platform, teachers and enables them to proactively contribute to suggestions to their kids as well as the educational institutes. After this life-changing transition, millions of students and parents who had never known any other model are now exposed to an alternative, E-Learning.

3.   Pace of Learning

Reason number three is the pace of learning of an individual. Each student has their own different pace of learning and processing the information. The online learning gives them a chance to grasp things at their own pace. Interactive E-Learning also helps the students to be more efficient and productive. Digital learning tools and platforms sharpen the critical thinking skills of the students which is the basis of analytical reasoning in them. The customized online learning which adapts to each and every student, their understanding pace, has an edge over memorizing the textbooks in the traditional way.

4.   Less Expensive, More Affordable

Naturally, E-Learning is much more cost-effective than classroom-based learning. There is no requirement for the student to travel to an external location to get an education. As the students are learning from the screen and all their resources are online, safe, it again eliminates the need to spend money on textbooks, notebooks, photocopies, etc. Jotting down notes becomes an easy job.

Classroom of the Future

There are a number of steps taken by the Indian Government to motivate the growth of E-Learning in India. In the last four years, the government has added subjects like artificial intelligence in the CBSE curriculum. India’s Maharashtra International Education Board (MIEB) has collaborated with Google for an educational platform in India. The Indian government is currently working on the draft of the New Education Policy to address the changing dynamics of the education industry in India making it more technologically inclined.

Learning at the Speed of Need

The education system in India, as a result of high technological development, has become a fast-developing field. We will see an extensive positive change in the teaching and learning methods, style, and content across all the schools, colleges, and other higher education institutes in times to come. Going forward, fuelled by technology and the development of Internet infrastructure, we have to improve and, over time, become capable of tackling more complicated problems & accessible experiences for the educational sector. Today a gigantic student population from primary schools, colleges, and competitive exams is happily utilizing the various resourceful platforms and Ed-Tech facilities. These online facilities are user-friendly and are available to them at their fingertip. It encourages learners to engage themselves in the vast sea of knowledge made available to them at nominal costs or even free of charge. The E-Learning coaching will triumph in India, taking the country to a new pedestal of socio-economic growth and prosperity.

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