How to Teach Kids 7 Steps of Handwashing?

Teaching kids to wash their hands can be a fun activity. However, when you begin to show them the importance of handwashing, you will find that they will become impatient and start trying to do the job without really cleaning their hands. This could result in some very unsanitary results and increase the chances of COVID-19 disruption. 

Here remain some tips on how you can teach your kids to clean their hands.

  1. Position the Kids Properly

When you begin this task, it is important that you only use lukewarm (body temperature) water. If not possible, then you can even use normal tap water, but it should be clean. Then you will want to position your child so that their hand is close to the sink or the basin. You will then want to give them an antibacterial hand washing agent to wash their hands with. 

  1. Let Them Wet Their Hands

This is one amongst the most important out of the 7 steps of handwashing. Once the kid is in position, you will grab them by the hand and get their hands under running water. Many times, kids take the handwashing agent first in their hands without wetting them. But one should first wet their hands and then use the handwash to multiply the importance of handwashing.

  1. Teach Them to be Attentive of What They Touch

The idea here is to get all of the germs off of their hands so that they can’t touch anything else that they shouldn’t. 7 steps of handwashing must include teaching your child about the handwash will help them be attentive to washing hands with the right product only.

  1. Ask Them to Lather Up the Soap

Ask kids to first spread the handwash throughout their palms, then at the back of the hands, then in between the fingers, and at last rubbing nails across the palm to maintain the hand hygiene properly.

  1. Scrub Hands for a Significant Time

The better you teach your children about cleanliness, the better things will generally be in their lives regarding health. That’s why it is necessary to scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds. To let them understand it, ask them to hum their favorite song until they finish the handwashing process.

  1. Rinse Hands Under Running Water

It is an important step of handwashing. Ask them to rinse the soap from their hands using running water. And if the water is warm, then it is better. This step will be responsible for clearing germs and unwanted soap off the kids’ hands.

  1. Dry Hands Using a Clean Towel

After washing the hands, it is necessary to clean or wipe the hands using a clean towel; it will help remove the excess water from hands and assist in maintaining the needed hygiene.

The Final Say

As a parent, you get to help your children to develop a healthy habit of washing their hands. It will be even easier if you start teaching this process at an early age to adopt it wholeheartedly.

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