Iphone 12 – Rumour Has It! Finally News On Delayed Iphone 12 Arrival

There are already tens of rumors on the new upcoming iPhone sequence which could be named as iPhone 12 in a couple of months. It is anticipated that it could have the release date in September, or October 2020.  This is speculated that the iPhone12 and the iPhone 12 Pro would be named because Apple uses the same name as it had used with the 2019 iPhone and previous iPhones.

The news for Apple’s iPhone 12 has been added to Jon Prosser’s context. He informs that the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro versions are “stocked to seek to get the latest before they launch.” This implies that various amounts of inventory for start-up and Pro models would vary considerably, depending on the model you purchase, if Apple cannot handle this ahead of the new start-up time frame. Apple has already performed well to get these new iPhones near to the market in time, but it appears like certain rough edges are emerging out of it.

Jon Prosser informs me that the smaller notch is largely verified on the line-up of the iPhone12. There was a lot of talk about whether Apple will or would not reduce the scale of its current portfolio, Prosser was an early supporter of it. Nonetheless, in recent weeks there have been concerns, although many reports have revealed that the notch would stay the same as that first launched in 2017 on the iPhone X. However, what remains in the air would be how much thinner and how it shrinks to build on the look of the iPhone line, which begins looking dawned in contrast to the rivals’ generally known hole punch designs. None of these competitors try to fit in with Facial ID, however.

The 2020 iPhones are modified with some of the first hardware changes since the 2017 iPhone X was released. Four iPhones, which may be 5.4, 6.7, and 6.1 inches (x2) in three-panel sizes, are planned.

Expected Perspective Name

Since the iPhone8 launched with the iPhone X in 2017, Apples’ iPhone naming intentions have been unclear, missing the iPhone9 entirely. Apple started the ambiguous naming strategy in 2018 for iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, but the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Plus, and 11 plus Max were made simpler in 2019.

Apple performed a numerical upward and a year ago, but because the anticipated developments in 2020 are too big, we are doubtful to see an iPhone 11S or equivalent and far more likely to have an iPhone 12.

When the lower end of the iPhone 11 follow-up is called an iPhone 12 (which we would term it) so we should foresee the two high-end iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max smartphones to arrive in 2020.

Of note, no announcement is provided that the latest iPhones are to be named iPhone 12, 12 Plus, and 12 Pro Max before the new products are released, so it’s the speculation that makes the most sense now.

Expected Size Options for iPhone 12

The first time in a couple of years, Apple would sell four Iphones in three sizes.

So far, it’s rumorous that we’re going to see an iPhone 5.4 inches, an iPhone 6.7 inches, and two iPhones 6.1 inches. The new iPhone 11 Pro is 5,4 inches smaller, although the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max is 6,7 inches bigger. The handset of 5.4 “is about the same in scale as the iPhone 8. Reports say.

One 6.1 “edition and the other 6.7” will be higher-end “Pro” iPhones, while the other 6.1 “iPhone and 5.4” iPhone will be lower-end versions and the iPhone 11 descendants. New cameras with triple-lens setups will grace the high-end iPhone, while dual-lens camera settings would be used in the low-end iPhones.

Expected iPhone  12 Design

The 2020 iPhones should display a re-engineered platform with a metal frame identical to the iPhone 4 system. The latest iPhones would use a more complicated segmentation system and modern diving and injection molding techniques said Apple’s research company, Ming-Chi Kuo.

However, the overall design resembles iPhone 4 or iPad Pro with a steel frame and square ends between two glass pieces. The new iPhone will include a stainless steel structure, replacing the current bundled steel frame, while the front and back glass will continue to be used for the device’s body.

In conjunction with the design and size changes for the iPad Pro-style, leaked schemes, which supposedly disclose Apple strategy for the unit, are also worthy of notice, as mentioned below.

  • Less large lenses of the camera
  • Thicker barriers with 5 G on the edge
  • SIM tray moved to the left of the unit
  • Intelligent connector-like feedback to the right (which may be an antenna)
  • One more speaker space on the grill on the right
  • Lower control press only

A lightning port will be available on the new iPhone12, whereby Apple will continue to use Lightning rather than swap to the USB-C.

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There is one report that a new navy blue finish would arrive on at least one of the iPhone 12 versions. With the iPhone 11 Pro series, Apple introduced a new midnight green hue. It is not unrealistic to believe that the works would also include a new blue color.

Display Details

Display details expected for each iPhone have leaked, with details below:

  • 5,4-inch iPhone 12 could have an OLED panel with embedded Y-OCTA touches. Resolution 2340 x 1080 at 475 PPI.
  • BOE / LG display with a 2522 x 1170 resolution and 460 PPI resolution — OLED displays. Max 6.1-inch iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Pro 6.1-inch —OLED, probably with XDR camera. Possible but not guaranteed ProMotion based on power demands and lack of LTPO. Resolution 2532 x 1170 and PPI 460.
  • Samsungs OLED display with support Y-OCTA and possibly with XDR-6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max. Possible but not guaranteed ProMotion based on power demands and lack of LTPO. Resolution 2778 x 1284 in 458 PPI.


Blayne Curtis claims the versions for the Apple iPhone 12 Pro would be 6 GB RAM, while RAM for the iPhone 12 would have 4 GB RAM.


In 2020, Apple manufacturers are focusing on a new battery protection package that is 50 percent lighter and slimmer than the same feature on the previous iPhones. iPhones will make greater battery power improvements. The three capacity includes 2,227 mAh (for the iPhone perhaps 5.4, “2,775 mAh (for the iPhone of 6.1-inch), and 3,687 mAh (for the iPhone of 6.7-inch). A new 2.815mAh report suggests that a marginally bigger battery may be likely available for the 6.1,5-inch high-end iPhone. The iPhone 11 Pro has a battery of 3,046 mAh, the 11 Pro Max has a battery of 3,969 mAh and the 11 iPhone has a battery of 3,110 mAh. The battery power is not specified, but the battery life may be around the same as the previous model if the processor enhancements succeed.

Expected Storage Space for New Iphone

The iPhone 12 line-up of YouTuber Jon Prosser is starting from 128 GB versions, which is to provide 128 GB of minimum storage across the board. Yet another leaker claimed the two lower-end iPhone 12 models launch at 64 GB while the high-end capacity versions arrive at 128 GB.

We should anticipate the iPhone 12 range in October, maybe in the middle of the month, to be ready for order.

October refers to many rumors that the iPhone will not debut in due course owing to slow growth and distribution and news on delays from Apple companies such as Broadcom and Qualcomm.

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