Lady Claims She Is “Susceptible To Gravity”, Spends 23 Hours A Day In Bed Due To Rare Syndrome

The lady was determined to have PoTS – a condition that makes decreased blood volume and a strange expansion in pulse when an individual stands or sits up.

A 28-year-elderly person in the United States, who depicts herself as being “oversensitive to gravity”, has uncovered that she burns through 23 hours in bed, swoons up to 10 times each day and can’t represent over three minutes without dropping. Lyndsi Johnson, a previous flying diesel repairman for the US Navy, claims she experiences one of the world’s most un-comprehended illenesses, which once in a while even powers her to sit with her legs crossed to quit feeling wiped out.

As per the Independent, Ms Johnson said that she began experiencing stomach and back torment in 2015. Throughout the long term, her side effects deteriorated to the point that she began shot heaving and blacking out to 10 times each day.

Following quite a while of going this way and that to the specialists, the 28-year-old was then determined to have postural orthostatic tachycardia disorder (PoTS) in February 2022 – a condition that makes diminished blood volume and a strange expansion in pulse when an individual stands or sits up.

Ms Johnson alludes to her condition as an “sensitivity to gravity”.

I’m sensitive to gravity – it sounds insane yet it’s valid,” she said, according to the Independent. “I can’t tolerate upping for longer than three minutes without feeling faint, being debilitated or dropping. I feel improved assuming I’m setting down.”

I’m sleeping the entire day – for as long as 23 hours per day. I never believed that at 28 I would need to utilize a shower seat. I can’t take off from my home any longer. There is no fix except for I’m so appreciative for what I do have,” she added.

As per Newsweek, the 28-year-old initially begun feeling unwell while she was working in the Navy abroad. As her side effects proceeded with she battled with persistent torment. Be that as it may, specialists couldn’t figure out what was off-base.

Ms Johnson expressed that in 2018 she was medicinally released from the military because of her disease. A half year after the fact she then, at that point, began getting extreme stomach torment and started shot heaving.

It was so awful I was shouting in torment and the regurgitating was The Exorcist style,” Ms Johnson said. Yet, specialists actually couldn’t sort out what was off-base, and she kept doing combating her sickness. She was even hospitalized a few times throughout recent years yet she was informed it was most likely her tension causing her side effects.

By mid 2022, Ms Johnson, couldn’t hold food down. Her condition deteriorated that she needed to quit driving. She even battled to twist around without feeling tipsy. “I’d hurl such a lot of my heart would begin having drawn out QT spans and I’d be in the medical clinic on cardiovascular checking,” Ms Johnson uncovered.

A cardiologist hence conjectured that the 28-year-old could have PoTS and proposed she go through a “slant” test – which estimates pulse, circulatory strain and blood oxygen. In February, she was then formally determined to have the disorder.

I was so grateful to at long last realize what was the matter with me so I could be dealt with,” she said.

According to the power source, Ms Johnson said that she is currently on beta-blockers which have diminished her swooning to three times each day and assisted with her queasiness. Be that as it may, she is as yet unfit to carry on with a typical life and depends on her significant other, James, to be her parental figure.


Yet, notwithstanding her disease, a decided Ms Johnson is presently chasing after a music business degree from the limits of her bed. She desires to have the option to return to work – in a task she can work from a distance and rests.

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