Online Betting: Things to Avoid

With online betting becoming more and more accepted within society, it is easily becoming more popular among the masses. However, that means more people are going to be betting blind and without a game plan. Today, we are going to be discussing a couple of betting mistakes the general public makes, and how people can learn from them without losing their money. 

Betting on March Madness is a perfect way to build up your bankroll as there are a bunch of games and the sportsbooks understand that there will be plenty of  upsets. Betting on March Madness gives you some great value if you know how to navigate it. 

Betting on the Team and Not the Spread

What fans can do here is find their favorite teams and place a wager on them to win. This is why the sportsbooks make teams like the New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys heavy favorites because the public is more likely to bet on the more popular teams. Sometimes, it still is a good bet but instead of chasing a team, chase the number. 

The spread means you are either needing to win by more than that total if you are favored or can lose by that amount if you are an underdog. Chasing points is more important as in football there are key numbers to look out for (three, six, and seven points typically) and that can be more important. Understanding how the spread works is going to help you become a better bettor in the long run.

Chasing Your Losses

This is a tough one as when you lose a wager, your mind wants you to recoup your losses right away and you throw more money hoping to get back what you just lost. However, this can be a major issue as sports can often have a different outcome than what you predict.. Instead of chasing your losses, continue to wager normally (typically a set amount per bet to manage your bankroll) and try to incrementally get back to where you were. 

Chasing your losses means you will need to deposit more frequently. In an online casino, I recommend withdrawing your initial deposit once you come up a bit so you are playing with a surplus instead of trying to dig yourself out of a hole. 

Paying for Picks

This is something that has increased with the legality of sports betting as everyone believes they are an expert if they’ve managed to win a few bucks betting. However, I highly recommend not paying for anyone else’s picks due to the fact that they are not locks (no matter what they tell you) That means you have to win even more just to break even, as you need to cover the expenses from paying for the picks as well. 

If you are insistent on paying for picks, make sure you find past data so you can understand if they are a legitimately good bet or not. Any legitimate person will be able to provide you with information to make sure you are getting some value instead of claiming they hit all the time. 


There is a lot more that we can dive into, but these three things are some of the more critical aspects to understand in order to be more successful at betting. Just because a majority of people are betting in one position does not mean that it will definitely hit. Make sure to follow a process to increase your bankroll and be successful in the online wagering world. Be on the lookout for more tips and tricks as we continue to show you how to become even more successful in the betting arena.

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