Thoptv For Android With Latest Version 2020

ThopTV app is the most well-known and common Smartphone service, providing consumers a smartphone-friendly streaming portal to access live TV free of charge with more than 3000 channels. There is no interference or no charge on all Hindi networks, including the most popular Indian TV demand. You have to use the new edition of this program if you want to experience all the functionality of the software. When you have any Android computer, this software can be enabled without any restriction as it’s only for Android systems.

You may use the ThopTV for windows by using any browser such as Chrome and Firefox and experience the app’s features on your Desktop or laptop or on your smart television. Chrome and Firefox browsers are recommended mostly if you are using ThopTv for Pc because the prevents you from ISP tracking with the help of Add-on.

Features of ThopTV

  • Easy to use and user friendly
  • See popular films and television series
  • Upload for watching footage
  • Digital Screen and Fire TV service Support
  • The subtitles of the selected channels are also available.
  • There are 3000 plus TV stations.
  • Look straight at your childhood films or TV shows
  • Hear music from more than 5000 radio channels.
  • Fully free of charge
  • Help for chat

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System Requirements

  • Operating system minimum of Android 4.4 + is required
  • For playing HD video, your computer/Mobile must have at least 1 GB of RAM
  • Internet connectivity is important

How to download and Install?

Most consumers of Android access Google Play Store applications. But  ThopTV is not in the Play Store, though. But you can’t worry about downloading this application from our site. It’s easy.

  • First, go to the ‘Unknown source’ option and activate it.
  • Now update ThopTV apk from above, which is already included in the new edition.
  • Open the device from the notification bar after you have updated to continue the installation phase.
  • Click the icon Download.
  • Stay before the process is completed.

How to Use ThopTV by using Browser

  • First, open your browser(chrome/firefox)
  • Go to the website of ThopTV. You can get there website by searching it on google.
  • After doing that click on the website and the ThopTv website open
  • Now you can enjoy your online Tv streaming
  • You can also download the latest version of ThopTv Apk for pc from this website
  • After downloading the ThopTv apk for pc Extract the exe zip file and install it.

How to Use VPN for ThopTV

If you find any interruption related to network while accessing ThopTV then you can use a VPN. Vpn is a Virtual private network, this provides you with confidentiality and protection online by creating a public Internet network. VPNs hide your IP address such that your acts online are practically untraceable. Perhaps notably, VPN providers offer safe and protected links that provide greater security than just a secured Internet link. You can install Any VPN from any website, just search Vpn on search engine and download it from there.


The menu includes a public chat function. Instantly (mostly) you will consider the answer by publishing it. And when you are using the application, you can see the blocked URL status from DOT either Govt. Our approved VPN service providers including Nord VPN, ExpressVPN, and Touch VPN JasmineTV are used in that situation.

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