Top 10 Challenges Recruiters Face

Year after year, the major recruiting challenges seem to change. What’s most important is to tackle these changes to ensure the best are appling and then being onboarded. The challenges need to first be identified and here’s what to keep in mind.

Employer Branding

When looking at new jobs, people are going to focus on two things besides the position itself. They’ll first choose to work at a company they’re already familiar with and second, they want to be something that’s larger than themselves. It takes more than the snap of a finger to become a household name but be upfront about any nonprofit or volunteer work your company is involved in. 

The Pace Of Hiring

Of course it’s a time consuming process but when it comes to extremely qualified candidates, you might not be the only one hoping they’ll take your offer. That potential hire might end up elsewhere simply because they were able to move the process along sooner, not that they were a better company. 

Remote Work

The blurred lines between work and home and here to stay for those who want it. While it’s right for many, not everyone is ready for remote work and constant communication (video and voice chats). Seeing how candidates handle communication software is now extremely important regardless of industry or position.

Being Too Particular

This is a tough one to balance; it’s the matter of finding someone who is going to be ready to go after right hiring and finding someone who has the aptitude to be a perfect fit once training is complete and they’ve worked up enough confidence. 

Asking The Right Questions

Every step of the process has to be done quickly and you are often seeing the first round of candidates before the department heads get a chance to meet them. All things considered, that makes sense but without being an expert yourself of every department at your company, it can be hard to make sure you are asking those perfect questions to field candidates correctly. 

Passive Candidates

At any given time, most people are not looking for a new job but typically most would be open to discussing the details of something new. With that in mind, how can recruiters get an idea of what to look for that signals someone might be open to an offer?

Retaining Talent

As we know that many are going to be open to outside discussions, what can be done to make sure you aren’t losing the company’s best employees? Staying engaged with your talent is just as important as bringing more talent in.

Remembering Personal Touch

In a world of mass hiring and frequent shuffling of talent, it’s easy for the recruitment process to feel cold for candidates when they are receiving automated email after automated email. Technology allows us to move at breakneck speeds and that can greatly influence how personal something feels. 

Staying Up To Date

When your recruitment process seems to be working as well, you might think there’s no reason to look at what others are doing. Sticking to only what you know is never wise as when the new tool catches on and everyone is already up to speed, the last thing you want to do is be in the learning stages. 

The Wrong Candidates

The ease of online job boards has meant it’s typical to get a flood of applicants for every open position. Adding questions into the application process, about things like experience with a certain software can auto-remove unqualified applicants from the pool the recruiter sees. 

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