Video: Bjp’s Bengaluru Mla Threatens Woman Protesting Property Demolition

In the video cut, Arvind Limbavali can be heard requesting that the police remove her. He then, at that point, educated the police to kick her and put her in a correctional facility.

Bengaluru: BJP Karnataka MLA Arvind Limbavali is by and by in debate after a video of him undermining and obnoxiously mishandling a lady became a web sensation via virtual entertainment.

The lady was taken to a police headquarters for addressing and was sent back before long. A First Information Report, or FIR, was stopped for impedance in true work.

The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board demolished the compound mass of a business building, saying it was based on a spruit which channels downpour water. The proprietor of this complicated, Ruth Sagai Mary Ameela, went against this, saying she constructed the wall subsequent to finishing a study by the public authority assessor and taking departmental endorsement.

A big part of the compound wall was obliterated.

Because of the downpours on Monday, many pieces of the Mahadevpur supporters have been overflowed. On Thursday evening, the MLA visited the Rajkaluve infringement site close to Whitefield Cody Circle in Nallurahalli and reviewed it.

A part of the business building neighboring the Raj trench was wrecked with tractors.

Ms Ameela, who approached to give a clarification, showed the archives and engaged the official that the development was lawful. The MLA attempted to grab the report from the lady’s hand. At the point when she demanded he pay attention to her first, she was mishandled and undermined. The occurrence was recorded on camera.

In the video cut, Mr Limbavali can be heard requesting that the police remove her. He then, at that point, educated the police to kick her and put her in a correctional facility.

Sir, it’s not government land. I’m chatting with deference. You’re addressing a woman. You are additionally my MLA, Ms Ameela could heard argue.

“You need regard? You have infringed the land. On top of this, you need regard?” the MLA raged, and undermined her that he should utilize an alternate language”.

These individuals initially infringe Rajkalve (storm water seepage) in conspiracy with degenerate authorities… that prompts flooding,” he said.

At the point when the complainant demanded she wouldn’t leave the land, the MLA requested her to be imprisoned.

Where’s the woman police. Send her here. Remove her. Make her protest the police headquarters. She has infringed and is presently asking regard,” Mr Limbavali said with his voice raised.

After the contention, ladies police should have been visible holding her by the arm and removing her while she continued to dissent. The police took the lady to the Whitefield police headquarters and kept her there till the night. Around 7.30 pm, Congress laborers fought before the police headquarters. Afterward, the police recorded the lady’s proclamation and sent her home.

We have constructed a business working without infringing on Rajkaluve. According to regulation, we have endorsement from BBMP for the task map. At the point when I attempted to grumble by showing the guide and different archives, he manhandled me in unspeakable language,” Ms Ameela said.


She guaranteed that she mentioned not to obliterate the piece of the structure and give her experience as there is a latrine and electrical transformer there. “Nonetheless, the MLA continued to affront and go after me. He grabbed the record from my hand and tossed it on the floor. The police sent him home without enrolling an objection,” she said.

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