What Does Your Jewellery Say About You?

Jewellery says a lot about our personality, in fact, it is a true reflection of our identity, for long Jewellery was used as a bold yet subtle means of self-expression. With the advent of 14kt & 18kt Jewellery, the cost came down and variety came up. With millennials preferring to wear lightweight Jewellery, there are several slow and steady changes that took place in the design. Conventional patterns altered to the brim to suit the present-day styles, introducing themed designs in gold earring designs such as the butterfly theme, peacock theme, nature-inspired ones, florals etc have been on the forefront.

With Jewellery becoming a powerful tool of self-expression, here are a few Jewellery items we feature that speak your personality, temperament and taste.

Chains: A super cool way to style in different ways. Single or go double, chains accentuates your love for Jewellery. They are a seamless way to express your inner self. Someone who picks chains as their dearest treasure can style them in several ways. With locket or without a locket, Layered or in double mode, single yet not – the lariats way, the styles go on endlessly. Gold Chains for men also make an equal style statement. Bold & macho, rugged yet gentlemen- men can also equally flaunt their fashion picks through chains.

Diamonds: People who love diamonds can be instant to go for something sparkly than blanch. They love all things sparkly from the shining sun to winter snow, from sparkling water to those dew-kissed flowers. They prefer not to use the one-of-a-kind Instagram filters or any photoshop apps.

Chandelier Earrings: Pretending and wholesomely enjoying even a sidewalk as a red carpet, taking life on a full swing is someone who loves the chandelier and has a congenial attitude. Bling that sways in a choice of your mood, direction, and expression is something only a chandelier earring can aptly fulfil.

Gold Rings: Single style many statements, rings are a pleasure one loves to adorn no matter what. Someone who chooses rings over all other Jewellery is nonchalant & vibrant with an intense love for all things unique. Ranging from plain gold bands that convey your minimalist nature to jazzy cocktail rings that rein your supremacy for high fashion. Another beauty about rings is that they can be adorned on any finger irrespective of the occasion, a ring lover for sure has a creative bend, artistic taste, and energetic zest.

Chokers:  An elaborate and flamboyant ornate that talks tons on how age is just a number. This highly spirited piece of Jewellery is best enjoyed throughout the youth till the ripe age by women. From the baroque styled chokers to simple CZ bands with pearls, chokers augment feminism. A choker lover candidly showcases the women power in full strength.

As we examine the nuances of different Jewellery items and their correlation with personalities, all Jewellery is in fact worth a try and buy. At the fag end what matters most is not how beautiful we look but how confident we are with or without the Jewellery.

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