Why is Algebra Important? 5 Reasons Why it is Essential to Learn

Algebra is one of the most important topics in Math as it forms a base for some complex topics in the higher classes. Since it is a complex topic, it is divided into two parts i.e Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. Algebra 1 https://www.cuemath.com/algebra/algebra-1/ covers the basics of Algebra for junior classes. It is a very crucial topic because it forms a base for more complex topics in Algebra 2 and further in higher classes. Hence students should get a good hold of Algebra 1 so that they can excel in their school as well as competitive examinations.

Algebra is considered a significant milestone in Mathematics. Students often find this topic complicated. But actually, it is one of the most interesting topics of Mathematics and regular practice of the topics of algebra can help students develop their logical and reasoning skills. Students can practice Algebra 1 questions with the help of 1st grade Math worksheets https://www.cuemath.com/worksheets/1st-grade-math-worksheets/ which are perfect study material. Regular practice of these worksheets can keep students way ahead of the class. Cuemath has a wide array of questions based on Algebra 1 and Cuemath also provides a number of study materials based on Algebra 1. These can help students do well in class and prepare them for the advanced concepts of Algebra in Algebra 2.

In this blog, we will explore why algebra, some important terms related to it, and why it is an important topic in mathematics. Without any further adieu let’s dive in!

Algebra Definition

Algebra can be defined as a branch of arithmetic where numbers are represented with the help of letters combined with different rules of arithmetic with terms like constants, variables, coefficients, etc.

Important Terms in Algebra

  • Variables: In algebra, a variable consists of letters and symbols which actually represent numbers. For example, in an expressing x+4=5, x represents a number which when added to four gives five. We solve such equations in order to find the value of the variable. Variables are a representation of the change in algebra as these values can change. Also, these letters can have one or more values.
  • Coefficients: The numbers in an algebraic equation which is with the variable are known as quotient. For example in the algebraic expression 3x+2=5, 3 is the coefficient. In the case where there are only variables, the coefficient is 1.
  • Constants: Constants are terms that only contain a number. These terms are without the variable. For example in the algebraic expression x+3=0, 3 is the constant. The value of the constant does not change, it remains fixed.

Why is Algebra Important?

  • Algebra is not just limited to Mathematics. It has a lot of real-world applications. One can solve many real-world problems by just translating them into an algebraic equation.
  • Knowledge of algebra is required in each and every field, be it computer science, chemical science, mathematics, technology, etc. The world revolved around the applications of algebra.
  • Algebra is a crucial part of many businesses as these businesses use algebraic operations to calculate their profit and loss. Even in the stock market, algebra is widely used. In the finance area, algebra is used widely to calculate the exchange and interest rates.
  • In sports, algebra has some surprising applications. The force required to hit sixes in cricket, the speed required to cover a particular distance by the sprinter, all is estimated with the help of algebra.
  • Even the Flat-screen TVs and smartphones we use are developed with programming which uses algebra.
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