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There are several courses that are available online and offline to help you enhance your knowledge. In the field of software development, you will find many professional courses that can be completed. These courses and their certification can add to your repertoire of professional efficacy. One such great course that you can do if you’re working in the information technology sector is the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) course. Getting a PSM certification will help you stand out in your organization.

What is Scrum?

This is a term used in the field of software development. It is primarily used for the purpose of product development. Scrum is a framework that establishes the process for product development and management. The scrum framework is being adopted by many IT organizations to increase the overall productivity and profitability of the organization. Therefore, acquiring the knowledge and appropriate certification of a professional scrum master is great for your career in the software development field.

What Else do you need to know?

To become a professional scrum master and get a PSM certification, you need to have a good knowledge base. Courses for becoming a professional scrum master include the following concepts:

  • Development of software using agile methodologies.
  • The Principles of Scrum.
  • The Scrum theory.
  • How to facilitate Scrum projects.
  • How to make people work cooperatively and efficiently in a team.
  • The overall framework of Scrum.
  • The various functions of a professional scrum master.

This course is perfect for people who are business analysts, software engineers, quality analysts, project and product managers, people working in the development team of an organization, leaders of teams, and testers.

PSM examination

It is not enough to just complete a course on how to become a scrum master. You also need the necessary certification. Therefore, giving a PSM examination is essential. Some important pointers to keep in mind about the examination have been mentioned as follows:

  • There are three levels of certification for a professional scrum master. These are the PSM I, PSM II, and PSM III.
  • You do not need to clear all three levels of assessment to become a scrum master. If you just give the first exam and pass it, you will be a level, one professional scrum master.
  • The PSM examination is a taxing examination. It will be quite a challenge to pass this exam.
  • You have to obtain a percentage of 85 percent to pass the examination. This means that out of 80 questions, you have to correctly answer 68 questions.
  • This examination is a test of speed. You will only have one hour to finish the exam.
  • The questions will be a combination of multiple-choice questions, true and false statements, and single answer questions.


Getting a PSM certification can be seen as an investment for your future in the IT sector. To get the necessary certification, you will need to spend about ₹24,000. However, the salary hike that will result from this certification will more than makeup for this expenditure. Add another qualification to your resume and experience the satisfaction of getting promoted!

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