4 Stunning Wallet Packaging Design in 2020

A wallet is a small pocket size bag used to save one’s important belonging. They come in various colors and designs, such as folding wallets and flat ones. These wallets are packed and sold in various wallet packaging, each designed differently. Most of them are either rectangular or squared. They can be customized to various formations. Some are structured to keep flat wallets while the others are structured to keep foldable wallets. Since people buy both kinds of wallets, one can easily find boxes designed to hold to either one of them. In recent days, parents are trying to buy wallets for their children as well so some of these boxes are just designed for children only.

Why size Exist in Wallet Packaging?

Wallet packaging can either be handmade or factory-made and mainly use cardboards that can be further recycled. Since many people prefer recycling, manufacturers prefer to use recyclable material only. The customized boxes can be designed to one’s liking and their sizes can be as small as 2.5 x 3.5 inches and can be bigger than 5×7 inches. When designing such purse storage boxes, the manufacturers work on simplicity, design, and cost-effectiveness. The packages designed using more material to beautify their packages, like glossy layers, definitely cost a little more than those packages that don’t use such items.

Presentation Matters

Manufacturers pay special attention to the presentation of the product because if it looks good to the consumers, there is a good chance that they will buy it. On the other hand, if the product is made of very fine material and has many other decent specifications, but lacks proper presentational look, there is a good chance that the consumers will merely pass by it. When a consumer sees something that is displayed well, they feel passionate and connected to the product. They then take the time to view it and further examine it. They explore its simplicity and decide whether it is cost-effective or not. It all starts with the presentational display. Such packages come in various designs but four of them are stunning. The designs are as follows:

OEM Logo Luxury Gift Box Customized Cardboard Paper Packaging

Certain consumers may be attracted to luxury. They may look for things that are either expensive or look expensive. Such qualities stand out to them and they view such items with welcoming eyes and dislike to lose them. OEM Logo Luxury Gift Box is made for such people. These are extremely beautiful purse boxes which are mainly rectangular and are only big enough for a specific that they are designed for. When the wallet or a purse is put in this box it will nicely fit in without any extra room to move. A company logo is designed at the top of the wallet gift box. It is available in various colors with a glossy look. It is made of recyclable material and is handmade.

Jewelry Gift Drawer Paper Box Packaging  

Almost everyone loves jewelry even if they don’t wear it. It has a great place in women’s lives who not only love jewelry itself, they love anything that is attached to jewelry, such as nice looking jewelry boxes and its likes. This particular design is probably made to catch this particular crowd. These wallet boxes hold more like a slide in and slide out a structure. It consists of two pieces. A box with only one opening while the piece is like a tray to slide in and out. The slide in and slide out structure is extremely smooth and does not require any struggle to use. It is just like a drawer where both parts are of different colors, adding a stunning look to the wallet gift box. In addition to that, a small string-like piece is attached to the package to increase its simplicity. They come in various colors but are widely available in black and maroon.  It is made of recyclable material and is handmade.

Hard Luxury Custom Logo Drawer Slide Paper Belt Packaging 

This particular packaging is particularly liked by those who like stylish items. Just as the name suggests, these particular purse boxes come in three pieces. Two of them are of the same color and the third one is usually white. The first piece is a container like a box, perfectly fitted under another box. The top container is decorated with a silk-like golden cloth that is professionally glued to the box and serves as a perfect holder for the wallet. To further add to the beauty of the wallet packaging, there is a cover that goes over the package to make it look like a box. The top is designed with the company logo. It comes in a bag with a fine carrying handle. It is made of recyclable material and is handmade.

Customized Paper Magnet Cover Packaging with Foam Insert

Foam is not just used for sleeping. They are used as cushions, paddings, and now they are also used for decoration purposes. This particular box is mostly rectangular is one-piece item with a magnet to close it. These boxes have foam in the box and the purse is placed on the foam. The foam is of the same color as the box and has a high-quality look to it. The company’s logo is printed at the top of the box and it is available in flat packing as well as fold packing. It is made of recyclable material and is handmade.

Since everyone needs a wallet, this packaging is here to stay and the manufacturer will continue to place these wallets and purses in stylish purse storage boxes to attract more and more consumers. Because of their cost-effectiveness, they are affordable and are made of recyclable material. People also like wallet boxes because they are all handmade and can be further enhanced through customization tool.

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