What is Jio Glass 2020? | Know Features, Specifications

In July 2020 at 43rd Reliance Industries Limited Annual General Meeting, RIL president disclosed JIO Glass which may soon be made available to everyone. Tesseract currently accepts registrations of interest for the mixed realities goggles on its website although the exact Jio glasses released to date and price is undisclosed.

If you want to receive the most up to date details on Jio Glass availability and rates, you will need to register with your name, email address, phone number, country, and city on the official website. The MR glasses can be registered by both individuals and organizations.

Whereas the following choices should be selected by companies because of the interest they have in the product: training and on-board personnel, improved coordination and conferencing, learning and education, remote assistance, repair, maintenance and revision, production, construction and healthcare, and telemedicine;

All You Need to Know About Jio Glass

Newly disclosed Jio Glass is a form of mixed reality enabling holographic video calling glass which works amongst other applications. The glass weighs 75 grams and is connected with a single cord. The Jio glass features about 25 applications that allow video meetings and more in increased reality.

The MR glasses work with all smartphones and can create a 3D theater effect for the user. Jio Glass is having teachers and students meet in 3D virtual rooms and teach holographs in real-time in our Jio Mixed Reality Cloud. The glasses boast the first directional and spatial x-ray audio of the world.

Specifications of Jio Glass & its supportable Apps

To access content on the app, the Jio Glass features a cable connected to the smartphone. Jio Glass currently supports 25 applications, including JioCinema, Jio Saavn, Jio TV Plus, JioMeet, Rely Video, Hamleys, Horse Cart, Spiral Skate, Funny Bunny, etc. It is 75 grams and will operate on 5 G networks. The product is planned. As soon as the spectrum sales are over, Jio will begin testing its 5G services in India.

Purpose of the Jio Glass

Jio Glass is designed to make 3D virtual rooms, particularly for teachers and students. The Jio Mixed Reality Service can also deliver holographic classes in real-time. For virtual meetings, the Jio Glass is also possible. Digital Notes and presentations can be shared also.

Jio unveiled a HoloBoard Virtual Reality Headset during their AGM in 2019. This product and the Jio Glass functions are nearly identical. Jio Glass is at a state-of-the-art technology that offers the best-mixed reality technologies to provide a truly interactive immersive experience for consumers.

Jio Glass price in India

There is a lot of talk about what will be the Jio Glass India price or jio glass price, but nothing from Reliance Jio is verified yet.

Jio Glass launch date in India

Jio Glass is a wearable, mixed reality interface, which was introduced in the latest Reliance AGM. The meeting only indicated that the product was soon to be publicly available, but according to sources, the Jio Glass launch event will be somewhere in India at the August end.

Jio Glass Specifications

In the center front for visuals, Jio Glass has a camera lens. The visual and audio equipment on the sides supports it. For Internet connectivity, a USB cable is used to connect the glass to the smartphone. Most likely, some months after its launch, Jio Glass gets wireless connectivity.

  • Weight of the glass: 75g
  • Network speed: 5G
  • Communication: 3D & 2D Hologram
  • Glass type: Ergonomic

Jio Glass Features

Jio Glass features are small but have several strong characteristics that will shock you. It doesn’t look like the typical VR system and adds more than simulation. Let’s take a look at them.:

Mixed Reality

Jio Glass in this app blends augmented (AR) and virtual reality ( VR) for you to create a whole new experience called mixed reality. This technology allows you to create a holographic world. You feel like communicating in person with your colleagues, friends, or relatives.

3D Virtual Rooms

This feature creates a virtual lesson that allows teachers and students to interact just like they interact in the real physical class. Students would then be easier to understand the lessons than they would in the current 2D video call environment.

In-built Apps

Jio Glass comes with 25 pre-installed apps. These apps are related to video conferencing and personalization. Jio also invited app developers to build Jio Glass apps.

5G Speed

To deliver the videos in great quality with no buffering or delay, Jio will introduce Jio Glass with 5 G technology.

Virtual Meetings

This feature allows workers in the same office setting to hold virtual meetings. You can also draw maps; have lectures, share files, and much more in a meeting.

HD Video Call

This is the fundamental feature of Jio Glass that enables you to video-chat with full HD 2D and 3D avatars. You just have to make a voice order and Jio Glass connects your call automatically.

Audio in Glass

The Jio Glass is fitted with sound equipment that is useful in sound transmission and reception on its frame faces. And for audio purposes, you don’t have to wear an earphone.

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