Understanding The Users Critical Needs-One Plus 8 (5G) Mobile Handset

Oneplus has always been a company that encourages innovation and comfortable usability. At least so far, it is a brand that offers sensational features and specs within a price tag affordable. With being one of the best smartphones in India, it has already attained popularity since it came into existence. Yes, you read that right! Its astonishing quality includes frictionless experiences for the users by smoothening the work of software and cutting short on unnecessary features. Isn’t that amazing!

When you talk about Indian Mobile Market, One Plus has been a dominant player since its inception. Even though the market keeps fluctuating and Apple that has launched 3 new phones may give a tough competition to One Plus. Like we all know, we are going through Covid-19 pandemic, which has led to a pressure arise in the market for the sale of mobiles. If you are still looking forward to buying within One Plus 8 price, you can definitely look forward for a variety of specs that it offers.  When Apple is ready to launch its latest versions soon, it would be an interesting thing to see how well it performs.

Latest specs about OnePlus8 (5G)

So, the first thing about this handset is that it’s a 5G phone. Yes, you read that right! This handset supports 5G network along with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 which is termed as one of the amazing thing about OnePlus8 (5G). It works on Android OS and gives 12GB RAM. This phone gives you sheer performance guaranteed. With an additional triple camera set up, this phone is the Super Macro mode smart phone. If you compare the prices of best smartphones Oneplus 8 with one plus 7T shows you how much difference you may find. Similarly this Smartphone took its own time to launch the 8 series price in India that ranged :

  • 41,000 for its 6GB+ 128 GB RAM variant
  • 44,999 for its 8GB+128GB RAM variant
  • 49,999 for its 12GB RAM and 256 GB of storage

Features and Specifications of all the Oneplus 8 series modules

  1. One Plus 8 Pro
  • The Display is of 6.78’ QHD, 120 Hz (Curved)
  • The processer is of Snapdragon (5G)
  • The primary camera consists of 48 MP f/1.8 Sony IMX689
  • The second camera is Ultrawide, i.e., 48MP f/2.2
  • The third camera consists of Telephoto (3x) 8MP, F/2.4
  • The fourth camera is of 5MP Colour filter
  • With a battery of 4,510mAh
  1. One Plus 8
  • The display consists of 6.55’ FHD plus 90 Hz (curved)
  • The processor is Snapdragon 865 (5G)
  • The primary camera is of 48MO f/1.8 Sony IMX586
  • The second camera consists of Ultra wide: 16 MP, f/2.2
  • The third camera consists of Macro 2MP
  • The fourth camera isn’t available in this model
  • The battery is 4,3000mAh
  1. One Plus 7T
  • The display consists of 6.55’, FHD+, 90Hz
  • The processor is of Snapdragon 855
  • The primary camera is of 48MP, f/1.8 Sony IMX586
  • The second camera is of Ultrawide 16MP f/2.2
  • The third camera is of Telephoto (2x) with 12 MP, f/2.2
  • The fourth camera is not available
  • The battery is of 3,800mAh


Having a meticulous detailed design pictures have spread like fire worldwide. It is just 180gms which means it’s a lightweight handset. It doesn’t make it look too flimsy or hollow but with a proper glass sandwich design it’s tremendously looks perfect. It is best for one hand feel and is very sturdy and amazingly built. According to various sources, oneplus 8 5g specs are more astonishing that has now successfully been in a market. One more amazing feature is that its Interstellar Glow variant, Onyx Black variant with a perfectly symmetrical and smooth body. With no sharp edges on either side that gives you a real quick glance on it. The buttons are meaty, it also consist of an alter slider that helps you signify various ringer profiles.

Its silicone case is big and bold with a facelift with insignia slapped across. It looks like jelly cases if viewed from different angles and they are inexpensive yet trendy.


The displays of One Plus are usually setting multiple records. With a JNCD of 0.4 that is fathomed by the human eyes gives it’s a visually perfect effect. It does consist of rich detailed shades with a vivid mode that boosts saturation and contrasts effects.


Along with the stunning visuals, the Oneplus8 model has dual stereo speakers along with a primary loudspeaker along with a secondary speaker with a stereo output. It gives you rich quality sound effects with an earpiece that acts as a secondary speaker for the stereo output.

The oneplus 8 5g review gives you a glimpse of the future sale you would like to make, and getting one for you or your loved ones will be the best gift, as it is fully packed with ample of beneficial aspects.

One Plus 8 has several additional qualities that remain unmatched and having the smoothest Android experience with a powerful performer is currently available in the market. Go get one for you!

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