5 Beard Trimming Tips: Trim And Maintain Your Facial Hair Like A Pro

We understand that you often always have a jammed-to-the-brim schedule. Work’s a killer. Add to that, having to fulfill responsibilities at home. Thus, you wear your superhero skills on your sleeve day in and day out and grooming is too much of a luxury. Or at least, that’s how you see it.

It’s the moment to put your beard under the spotlight and let it own the stage in the manner in which it’s supposed to. After all, your face is what will say it all, and your beard is, well, a part of it! The beard trimming experts of Billy Jealousy have provided us with a few to-dos to add to your beard care routine. 

  1. It Starts With Washing 

Beard washing won’t require too much from your plate. And your superpowers, whether in time management and task organizing, aren’t needed. Why are we telling you this? Because you should try trimming your beard after you’ve washed it. Every. Single. Time.

It’s not that dry-cutting will lead to something horrific. Not at all. It’s just that cutting washed facial hair (and softened with beard shampoo and/or conditioner) will make the task of summer-breeze easy. 

Be sure to wipe it with a towel first, and not leave it drenched in water. 

  1. Comb That Mane

After towel-drying it, gently brush or comb your beard. This needn’t take long. You merely have to untangle those strands and tame the clumps. Brush it in a downward motion, and in the same direction. 

If your facial mane is quite thick, replace your brush with a big-toothed comb instead. 

  1. Snip Them Strays 

Before you begin to ponder on what kind of beard-look you want to don, take care of the strays first. This doesn’t have anything to do with style. Simply snip away at poking strands for that ultra-clean appearance. 

Never scissor them out all at once. Doing so is a recipe for a beard-disaster. A few peeking tips at a time will do. And again, no shaping yet. 

  1. Ready, Set… Trim! 

Subsequent to getting rid of the flyaways, here now, is the main event. Whether this is your first time trimming your own beard or if you’ve done it more than a few times before, the rule stays the same: “slowly” does it, when it comes cutting. 

There’s a term called “going with the grain” which refers to following the direction your facial hair grows (and yes, it’s like what we’ve said about combing). Cutting against “the grain” won’t only prove difficult and might rear undesired results. To add, trimming in opposite directions will feel uncomfortable on your jawline all the way down to your chinny-chin-chin. 

Experts recommend that you utilize trimmers that have length guards that you can easily adjust. This way, you can adjust the guards according to the angle you’re trimming. 

Begin the journey with the higher guards. Then, one after the other, follow the decreasing lengths until you get to the last one. And don’t forget: stick to small snippets at a time.

  1. The Neckline 

An area many tend to skip. Still, there’s nothing like a sleek neckline with a beard trim that’s on-point. Your Adam’s apple is to be the marker. So, your beard neckline should be right above it. 

Some professional beard groomers say that following a straight line when trimming is a safe choice. Others also say that a U-shape is just as convenient to observe. 

Finally, complete the finishing touches and trim your moustache if needed.

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