Wondershare Famisafe The Best Parental Control App To Track Your Children

The most important requirement of every parent in today’s world is the safety and security of their children. With the advancement of the Internet, children have become more inclined to spend their free time on the web than playing outside.

Therefore, the  FamiSafe Parent Control App comes as a rescue, through which you can protect your child from all the inappropriate elements they may be familiar with on the web.

The FamiSafe app Parental Control App is also the best tracking app in the market for children. In this article, I will focus on its various features and characteristics.

How do you bypass screen time and app limit?

When the application limit is about to expire, you will get a notification that you have only five minutes left. When your time runs out, the app icon will be a little gray on your home screen and if you open it, you’ll see an hourglass and a white screen with the words ‘time limit’.

The limitations of the Screen Time app are very similar to how the driving feature does not disturb when working. You can choose to dismiss it, but it makes you think twice.

What is parental control? Why is it important?

Parental controls are apps that allow parents to deal with their youth’s web usage. Each parental control app has many features such as phone location tracker, GPS location tracker, and similar features to keep proper control over your children.

Regarding online wellbeing for children, you can inquire about whether it is okay to give your child full web access. Here are some reasons why having a phone tracker app is important:

  • The application has the facility to control your child’s internet usage time and they are not allowed to make surfing a bad habit.
  • You will be able to easily control the content on the web from your children.
  • Often, children inadvertently purchase a game or other in-game offer, which may come as a surprise to you later. With the parental control app, your children will not be able to make any new purchases from any site.
  • It will keep an eye on downloads, and therefore, no one will be able to download any documents or media files from unsafe web pages.

What are Wondershare Famisafe Parental Control Features?

The Wondershare FamiSafe Parental Control App has many features that are already built-in. Some of its features are different from others. The two elements are described in detail below:

Location History Tracking Feature

Well, not only does the FamiseF Parental Control app let you know about your children’s current location, but it also helps you learn about the history of the entire place of the day. You can also create a limit on the application and can notify you whenever your child is over the area.

Real-time location sharing feature

With this feature, each parent will be able to track the location of their children correctly at any time of the day. Therefore, they will know the whereabouts of their child before they tell you.

How can you use family to track your child’s location?

Here are the appropriate steps to help you in the functioning of the family app:

  • Download the Famicef Control App from the Play Store or Apple Store or get it from Amazon.
  • Once your child’s location is visible, you will be able to know the exact area without any problems.
  • Now, you have to sign in through your app.
  • Don’t forget to get the apps for both your and your kids’ devices.
  • Now, you have to set it so that both can use it.

What are the other features of the Family Parental Control app?

Apart from the two important features mentioned above, the FemiSafe app also has other features that make it the most unique. Some of the most interesting are discussed below:

Screen Time: With this feature, you will be able to track your child’s internet usage.

Browser History: With this feature, you can view your child’s Internet browsing history, even if they use incognito mode while surfing.

App Blocker: You will be able to interrupt apps that are not suitable for your children.

What are the prices of Family Parental Control App?

There are several price plans available on the Famisafe app, such as:

  • If you want to use only the minimum features of the app, then you can start by applying for a demo plan, which comes free without any subscription fee.
  • If you want to get a full/annual membership, you can easily opt for a $ 3.49 price plan. Once you pay for a full year, that is, $ 41.99, you will sync 30 devices per account.
  • If you opt for a monthly subscription, the price is $ 9.99 per month. With this plan, you can sync up to five devices per account.
  • Finally, if you choose a quarterly subscription, you will have to pay $ 6.66 per month. The entire bill is $ 19.99, with which you can sync up to ten devices per account
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