Why You Should Use Stickers as a Marketing Tool

Have you ever thought about using stickers as a marketing tool? Stickers are available in many shapes and sizes. This allows you to be creative in how and where you use the stickers. In this article, you will not only find a couple of reasons why it is a must to use stickers marketing-wise but also some example products that you can easily apply yourself.

Increase brand awareness with stickers

You can print stickers (translation: stickers bedrukken) to increase your brand awareness. In this digital age, it is not only important to be active online, but also offline. Stickers are a handy tool for this. For example, stickers with a logo or a link to your website. The big advantage of stickers is that you can stick them anywhere.

Can be cut into any shape

Another advantage of stickers is that you can literally go in all directions with them. You can have stickers made in any shape or form. This is also called contour-cut stickers. In addition, you can choose a size to your liking. From mini stickers to life-sized stickers. Whatever you need, it’s all possible! A popular example of contour cut stickers are logo stickers.

Relatively cheap compared to other marketing activities

Another advantage of stickers that we would like to mention is that they are relatively cheap. Especially when you compare the purchase with other marketing activities. In addition, stickers are a lot less irritating than certain other ways to get in touch with your customers. Often customers even like to receive stickers as merchandise from your company.

3 examples of various sticker products

  1. Window stickers

Do you want your office or store to stand out in the streets? Window stickers with a logo are ideal for this. Complimentary you can print a roll-up banner (translation: roll up banner drukken) to place at your entrance. Make sure your store or organization does not remain unseen!

  1. Promotional logo stickers

 You can give them away at fairs, events and to your employees. Masturbate or stick them on/in a package. Distribute them in places where your target group comes a lot. The possibilities with logo stickers are truly endless!

  1. Car stickers

 Whether your car is on the road or parked, with the help of car stickers you are always recognizable to the customer. You can also increase your brand awareness. Of course also suitable for buses, motorcycles, scooters and other vehicles!

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