Top Tools To Consider While Writing A Blog Post

Blogging has grown in scope and the main reason is accessibility for running a successful blog. The biggest advantage for a blogger is the helpful tools that expand the circle of the blog. From the scrap metal, bloggers can use the tools for development, while it can be used for successful operation.

The tools can be used for the following purposes:

  • Start a blog
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Planning of blog posts
  • Digital marketing
  • Analysis of blog

Blogging does not mean that an individual explains or reviews a topic. Instead, the blog can be used to strengthen businesses and many companies have built their business through blogging. Professional bloggers use blogs as a professional career and earn sizable income to live a nice lifestyle.

A typical blogger needs to write the content, promote their content with digital marketing and search engine optimization, and build up his audience. All of these steps include the inclusion of tools because the tools make the process faster and more efficient.

The tools we are talking about are not the magic to grow your blog, but they are successful when used correctly. If you use the content management system, then it would provide you with the most compatible tools.

In this article, we will discuss these tools that are beneficial to bloggers.

HubSpot Title Generator

Bloggers need to update their blog regularly, and they could be out of ideas about what content to make. Remember, the title of the blog post is very important for both search engine optimization and user experience. If the topic of your post is not compelling and impressive, it would not generate leads and sales as expected.

HubSpot, a popular marketing and content website provide the tool to generate the title for your blog post. This gives you the optimized title and the idea of what kind of content you should produce.

Here is the checklist for creating the title:

  • The title must contain the keyword for search engine optimization
  • The title must be attractive and must be able to explain the entire content
  • The title must not be a clickbait and must be relevant to the body

Remember, the title is what 80% of people choose to read or skip your article for. So the HubSpot title generator would help you generate the title that is trapped and after your keywords. In this tool, you have to write several ideas by typing in the words, and the tool would generate the title on those ideas.


It is an efficient and time-saving tool that is fully available to organize the projects with your entire team. If, for example, you have a team of content production, search engine optimization, analysts, and marketers, Trello would help you assign them the task and get their report on time.

Some of the characteristics of Trello are described below:

  • This is completely free, while you can create multiple boards on a single account
  • Trello helps you create multiple lists according to the sections you assign the tasks to
  • You can mark the title, description, attachments, appointment, labels, and, above all, a member you assign.
  • The task card can be easily transferred via drag & drop.
  • You can discuss the map by commenting and tagging like Facebook

Plagiarism checker

Neither your reader nor the search engine wants you to use the duplicate content because it is an illegal practice. If you use the plagiarized content, it would harm your website in the search engine. Moreover, any of your users would find copied content or even the idea, they would not believe in your content.

Not only the believers, but you would also lose the interest of these readers.

As an illegal activity, the ranking of your site would go to the fewest pages that no one likes to go to. To avoid plagiarism in your content and prefer to write high-quality content with uniqueness in it.

Before publishing the content on your website, use the Plagiarism Checker to verify the originality of your article. It would compare your content with those already published on the Internet. There are several free online Plagiarism Checkers such as Grammarly, Prepostseo or Quetext.

This tool is one of the most important strategies in the field of content for bloggers and web owners.


Bloggers may have a lot to do because they organize everything for their blog, including content, SEO, and analysis. This can now be done by planning your blog posts and tasks through a management tool called CoSchedule.

This is a free online tool used by most brands. Whether you are out of your system or have connection issues, the tool would automatically update your blog according to your instructions.

This tool is very easy to manage, especially if you have a blog on WordPress because this has a plugin. Once you install the plugin, set some reminders as well as schedule some posts. This would help you to perform your process automatically without your interactions.


You may use the search console or Google Analytics to analyze your blog performance, which is good, but you are limited in your analysis. Google Analytics would not help you much in finding keywords and managing your competitor’s analysis.

To check your competitor’s statistics, Ahrefs is one of the best options. Ahrefs is one of the popular tools for web analytics. Starting from the backlinks towards traffic, Ahrefs can be supportive of you.

Besides, it also helps you manage your keywords and know their volume along with the CPC and difficulties. If you find the references for a particular keyword, it also says the required amount of backlinks to be at the top of that keyword.

Ahrefs is not a paid tool, but it is very important, especially if you perform backlinks for your blog. Moreover, it is beneficial if you are fighting competition between placing at the top of the search engine results page.

The Ahrefs have a Chrome extension that makes it more efficient. By installing the extension, you can easily know the basic statistics of the site when you open the site.

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