Five GoGoPDF Tools That You Should Be Knowledgeable

The GoGoPDF website is one of the most recent websites online that colorfully offers free PDF tools. The website was built by professionals using high-technology to provide excellent service to all their various tools.  The website is easy to use, which helps all their new users familiarize their different tools.

This website is free and safe to use. This website has this unique technology that enables you to keep all your documents protected. It has twenty-six different with a very vital purpose to each of your PDF documents. Below are five of the main tools used every day by many, you should know.

Convert Your MS Office Files To PDF

PDFBear has all the tools you need, like the Excel to PDF converter online free and other different MS Office files, like Word to PDF, JPG to PDF, Excel to PDF, HTM to PDF, and PPT to PDF. They are free and very easy to use.

Converting your files to PDF helps you protect your file from different types of alterations, attach the file a lot easier when sending it through email, and save up enough space for your device’s hard disk. Also, most companies prefer all the files being converted to PDF so that any receiver with a different browser or device can access the file without installing anything.

There are various steps on converting your files to PDF, but the easiest way is through the GoGoPDF website. First, you upload the MS office file to the website’s converter box; second, the website will automatically scan and convert your file to PDF once the file is uploaded. Lastly, once the conversion is done, you can download the file to your device for free.

Reconverting Your PDF File To Its Original Format

Aside from MS Office to PDF conversion tools, this website also has the needed conversion tools to reconvert your PDF file to its original format. This tool is usually used to edit, delete, and alter some information inside your document. With the help of GoGoPDF, you don’t have to worry about anything. All you are going to do is follow these simple procedures.

Look for the convert from PDF tool categories on their website and click the necessary tool that you need to use for your conversion. First, select the PDF file from your device or computer and upload it to the converter box provided by GoGoPDF; then, their converter box will scan all the pages from your file.

Next, wait for the conversion to finish and then when it is done, you can download and save your original file to your computer or use the link provided by GoGoPDF to share your social media accounts.

Protect Your PDF Files

When it comes to files that contain personal information or confidential company information, it should be protected at all costs. GoGoPDF has the protect PDF tool, which you can add up a password on without any hassle. You just have to follow the three easy steps on their website.

The first thing you need to do is upload the file that you want to protect to the “select file” box on their website. Next, when the file is uploaded, you can input the password following the website’s rules; when the process is done, you can freely download the new PDF file to your respective device.

Split Huge FilesTo Groups

The PDF Split tool helps you split enormous files into small ones by selecting the important ones, extracting them from their original PDF file, and separating them into new PDF files. This tool helps you save up space and makes you share the file in a faster way.

Upload the original file to the website’s splitting area, choose the PDF pages you want to extract, and then click the right button to start the extraction process. Wait until the splitting process is done; once done, your recent PDF files will be available for download.

Edit Your PDF Files

This tool helps you remove existing images from your file or add new ones. Also, it enables you to add additional texts easily and quickly without converting your file to its original file format. Upload the file that you want to edit and then make some necessary adjustments using the tools available from the toolbox. When everything is done, you can download the file freely.


You must know all the PDF tools available online and their uses and purpose before using these tools. Having vast knowledge in everything is a huge help to keep you ahead with your career.

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