GogoPDF Web-Based Tools: Stress-Free Way to Handle Company-Related Electronic Files

Most established and start-up companies are going digital in dealing with their files. It’s more convenient to use, and it’s a simple act of helping and preserving the environment. Instead of printing out various documents and handing them over to different company employees, you can simply send them via email or use any means of transferring files.

By doing so, you’ll surely save much of your time and effort. However, when you deal with tons of electronic files at work as part of your job description, you may find it a little bit more challenging. Don’t worry because GogoPDF is an available platform online that will give you professional assistance in handling your electronic files.

It’s not computer software that you need to download and install on your device. It’s a website with various web-based tools you can access for free to help you handle company-related electronic files at work most efficiently. Here are some of these GogoPDF file tools below.

Online Unlocking PDF

Putting a password in your PDF files is one of the best ways to protect the information your PDFs contain from people who want to view and open them without authorization. However, if some of your files don’t have any confidential and sensitive data and information, password-free might be more preferable to being encrypted. In this case, you can unlock PDF online using the GogoPDF file tool.

You only have to get your passworded PDF files uploaded on the GogoPDF website. Then, just wait for a few minutes until the tool has finally decrypted your PDFs. After that, your files are now free of any password that you can easily open and close whenever necessary. That’s the quickest way of unlocking your encrypted PDF files using the GogoPDF free web-based tool.

Password Protect PDF Tool

As mentioned above, setting up a password is an effective way of protecting your PDF files from people who want to access and view them without authorization. Because of that, you can always use the password protect PDF tool of GogoPDF for free. It only requires you to get your PDF files uploaded on its tool online.

Then, create a strong password that’s not easy to decode for anyone without permitted access. You can incorporate different capital and small letters, numbers, and some symbols you prefer to add. After that, the tool will begin saving the password you’ve provided within a few minutes. Then, you’ll get your newly passworded PDF files downloaded to your smartphone or computer file drive. That’s the fastest method of setting up a secure password in your PDF files using the GogoPDF web-based tool.

PDF Merger Tool

It has been a challenge to organize tons of PDF files in a device’s file storage for many PDF users around the globe. If your computer file folders aren’t well-organized, you would expect that some PDFs are scattered and cluttered on the device’s screen you’re currently using. With this, it’ll be difficult for you to locate and retrieve a particular PDF you’re looking for, among other files.

Hence, the PDF merger of GogoPDF allows you to organize all of your PDF files by combining those you use for the same purpose. You can also merge those PDFs that come from the same source or company department. By doing so, whenever you’ll be needing more PDF files in your project or task at work, you would know what computer folder to access and which combined PDFs to open. That’ll surely be so time-saving and convenient for you.

Electronic File Conversion Tool

This next web-based tool of GogoPDF has helped many users transform their files into other file formats they need to complete a project at work or accomplish a task. You can conveniently convert your files in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to PDF format in no time.

The same thing goes with other formats like JPG and HTML. You can also convert them to PDF most quickly. You can visit the GogoPDF website anytime to see other file formats available for free conversions you might need in your future task or project.

eSign PDF File Tool

The eSign PDF file tool of GogoPDF is another sought-after tool that many people use for legal documents, especially in the company. It could be any certificates, agreements, and other legalities. Since you can’t add a signature in your PDF files using a pen, the tool will allow you to sign them electronically using the computer mouse or the touchpad. That’s the simplest and easiest way of writing your signature on your PDF documents using the GogoPDF eSign tool.


Dealing with so many company-related electronic files can be stressful if you don’t have the right tools at hand. Don’t worry because GogoPDF will bring you all of the necessary tools you need at your fingertips. Just visit the website and feel free to choose a web-based you need at the moment.

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