Types Of Web Hosting To Consider Before You Choose One

Web hosting refers to the services that enable individuals and businesses to post a website or webpage on the Internet.  A web hosting service provider offers the services and technologies needed to host a website.  A web host lets its clients place documents, like graphics, HTML pages, and other files, on a special kind of computer known as a web server.  The web server offers a high-speed, constant connection to the Internet’s backbone.  Now that you know what web hosting is, let us find out the different types of web hosting:

Shared Hosting

In this, multiple websites or users are situated on a single server and share the same resources.  By sharing resources, the best shared hosting providers can keep their costs affordable and provide services at rock-bottom prices.  While its low price is attractive, there are some real disadvantages in terms of reliability, security, and performance.  Due to this, people go beyond shared web hosting after their site begins growing since other hosting types can provide various upgrades in areas such as reliability and performance.

Cloud Hosting

When you choose cloud hosting, your site gets its dedicated resources on the cloud, a big network of computers.  That is the main difference between shared hosting and cloud hosting.  So, rather than sharing resources, you will get 100% dedicated resources to your website.  It generally results in enhanced performance as you do not need to worry about somebody else’s sites affecting your website.  With cloud hosting, you also get excellent reliability as there is a whole network of computers that power everything.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is generally used by site owners who want a dedicated hosting service but do not have the required technical knowledge.  VPS hosting is an ideal middle hosting between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.  It is perfect for site owners that require more control, however, do not need dedicated servers.  It is a unique kind of hosting as every site is hosted in its space on the server, although it shares physical servers with other users as well.  While it offers website owners more storage space and customization, they are not able to deal with very high traffic or spikes in use.  This means the website performance can be affected by other websites on the server.

Dedicated Server

It offers site owners the utmost control over the server on which they store their websites.  That is because the hosting server is uniquely rented by the specific site.  So, you get complete admin and root access.  Thus, you can control everything, right from the operating system to security.  But all these things come at a price.  Dedicated server costs are among the costliest hosting options.

Now that you know about the different types of web hosting services, you can easily choose one based on your needs and requirements.  If you have a WordPress site, Shared hosting can be the best cheap WordPress hosting India option.

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