Best Choice in Town: GoGoPDF Features You Need to Know

If you ever search for online PDF converter tools on Google, it will surely give you so many options to choose from that it may be quite difficult to know which one to use and rely on. But how will you know whether the tool you’re using is safe? Will it be able to convert your files quickly and with high-quality? Does it have the tool that you need to complete your tasks?

One certain tool has recently been the talk of the town, and with good reasons why. It has so much to offer to all of its customers that you simply can’t resist trying it out for yourself and see whether what they are talking about is real. So, in this article, we will tell you what you need to know about GoGoPDF and some of its amazing features.

What is GoGoPDF?

GoGoPDF is a web-based platform where editing, managing, and converting files have been made easier. The platform does not require you to install or download any software or app on your device or use any third-party programs just to have access to their services. It offers a wide array of file formats you can convert to and from, like PPT, Excel, PDF, Word, HTML, JPG, and PNG.

GoGoPDF isn’t just a file converter. The platform also offers other tools, including PDF repair, PDF protection, add watermark, edit, merge, split, compress, and delete PDF pages. It is a versatile platform that you don’t have to move from one website to another to find the tool you need. Whatever you may need, we are sure that GoGoPDF has it.

Accessible on Multiple Platforms

Whenever you access some online PDF converters, you might encounter some compatibility issues with your device. But with GoGoPDF, you can rest assured that you don’t have to worry about any of those. It doesn’t matter whether your computer is Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system. Just by using your web browser, you will have full access to GoGoPDF’s tools and services.

Additionally, GoGoPDF can be used on any device, including tablets, iPads, iPhones, PCs, laptops, or Android smartphones. Knowing this fact, you don’t have to borrow someone else’s device just to use their tools. Convenient, right?

File Safety

Usability is one thing to consider, but what about file safety? Fortunately, GoGoPDF has managed to combine these two important aspects into one platform that greatly benefits all of us. It isn’t only easy to use, but it guarantees that our files are safe and secure in their capable hands. They installed SSL encryption technology that encrypts your files as you move them on the internet. You don’t have to think about whether anyone compromises the content of your files. 

According to GoGoPDF’s company policy, they cannot store or keep anything you have input in their system, including credit card information, security codes, or even your files. After an hour of uploading, they will automatically remove all the files you have uploaded.

Customer Service

Perhaps the best feature that any online PDF converter tool can offer is customer service. Only a few of these platforms offer a highly responsive customer service team that can cater to all our needs while using their services. Whenever you are experiencing some problems with their tools or having trouble navigating their website, the customer service representatives will gladly help you carry out all the tasks needed to be done for the day.

GoGoPDF is committed to improving its services to give its customers the best experience while using its platform. To make this possible, they are open to receiving comments and feedback that any customer may have regarding their services.

GoGoPDF Pro Version

GoGoPDF offers a paid subscription that lets you experience their services much better. It comes with so many benefits and bonuses that you just can’t resist. For example, you will get priority assistance from customer service, unlimited storage, and finally, get rid of all those annoying pop-up ads or unskippable videos that consume most of your time on the platform.


They offer a free 14-day trial if you ever want to experience the nicer things in life. With the Pro version, you will also get the luxury to convert and process as many files as you require for your tasks without compromising your conversions’ quality. It is very practical to invest in a Pro version since you can save so much time through the multiple conversions you can make at a single time.


To wrap everything up, we highly recommend anyone that needs to convert their files to use GoGoPDF. It isn’t only quick and easy to use, but you are ensured that your files are safe and secure. 

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