A Beginners Guide: Blog Writing

Are you looking for freelancing work or do you want to learn something new in this digital era? Blog writing can be very beneficial for you in this quarantine as well. Choose this as your hobby or earn from this, Blog writing never fails to be a part of your new skills.  But what is a blog and what steps need to follow to learn the new writing skill?

The blog is nothing but an informative and creative article on a particular subject. The blog is a sum of all the information in a single piece of writing work. To learn how to write a blog here are the 8 simple steps to follow. 

Start your blog with 8 simple steps

  • Choose a Niche

While writing you may get stuck in thinking what to write or what topic to pick for writing a blog? Well, this is easy enough. You need to select your niche. Niche is defined as a category in writing. If you don’t know what kind of niche you can write on then you should first develop the interset in niches. You have many options to choose your niches. Moreover, selecting a niche for your blog is a must. As it will target your audience who are interested in that particular niche. 

Following are the different niches you can choose:

  •  Lifestyle
  • Wellness
  • Health and Fitness
  • Technology 
  • Entertainment
  • Reviews
  • Psychology 
  • Art and Craft 
  • Digital Marketing 

These are the niches, but they are not limited to this only. There other niches around the world. Like economic, political, or business niches. 

The above niches are the most common ones.

Choose your topic from your selected niche

Once you have selected a niche for yourself, then it gets easier to select the topic under the same category. Niche is just a board term of the category you want to write in. For example: if you selected psychology as your niche, you can write of different disorders or mental health or depression. Every niche as millions of small topics hidden inside. Write on the selected category with your chosen topic.

  • Research

Well, once you have selected your topic and niche, it is highly important to research the topic thoroughly. Research may consist of gathering all the information related to your topic, facts, statistical data, or tips & tricks. If you are not researching your topic, then your blog will not be that effective to your audience. You can research on google, read different blogs on the same topic, watch videos on youtube. This all helps in gathering all the information you can write in your blog. 

  •  Choose a platform to write 

In this world of digitalization, there are many platforms you can write on. WordPress, blogger, etc. You cannot just write a blog in the document form and post it on your social media. You have to present your work on a blogging platform to spread your work among the desired audience. All the platforms for blogging have different features. WordPress is highly recommended to the newbie in the writing industry. 

  • Plagiarism and Grammar 

After you have chosen the blogging platform and written all your content. Recheck your blog for grammatical errors. Also, check the plagiarism of your content. Even if you have written the whole content by yourself, it is advised to check it once as it is possible your content is already written by someone else. 

  • Make it attractive 

Your audience is only attracted if you have designed your blog in an organized manner. Your paras are well divided. But that is not enough to make it attractive. Insert images in your blog, write did your facts, or insert a trivia regarding the same topic. This all becomes very eye-catching to your audience and tends to take an interest in your work. 

  • Share your work

After everything you have done, it’s time to socialize your work. Insert links on your social media, post the blog, and send personal messages to your friends and family for better views. Ask them to share as it will increase your views and comments. Sharing your blog is important final step. You cannot just finish writing and sit. No! No one will know you have written something. You have to share as much as possible. 

In a Nutshell

A blog is very easy to write if you follow these 7 steps properly. Missing one step will not make your blog effective and desirable for your audience. The right topic at the right time is very vital. People like to read about the trending topic and have information about it as much as possible. 

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