Top-9 Best Earphones Under 1000 in India

Friends who do not like to listen to music? but the biggest problem is buying a good earphone if some earphones are good in looks some are good at bass Some of products price is in your budget, but some very expensive. To solve your problem, we have brought you 10 selected earphones which give amazing experience and which are just under 1000 rupees.

Guys I went to the market I wanted to buy a new pair but all these branded earphones MRP and my pocket were opposite and that’s when I decided that I will find the best earphones under 1000 and that’s when my research started after so much research I found the best five available options under my budget.

I’m not gonna rank them because the every-bodies requirement is different Just like a baby likes bass but I like clarity. But I will tell you which one is the perfect fit for you according to your priorities.

1) Audio Technica CLR 100

I will rate it average on it looks because it’s wire is delicate and can easily get tangled speaker housing is made up of plastic but like good quality plastic but mic option is not available but the sound is a veneer.. which is also one of the most important reasons why people buy earphones.

It has balance low’s mid’s and high’s It is a really good option for soft music lover Plus it is available in just 590 rupees that too with a year warranty, fireworks inside you, right?

2) JBL C 100si

Its wire quality is also delicate but it’s fitting is really good Plus this comes with a gold plated jack but this is not L-shaped, although I would prefer an L-shaped Jack because it is more durable. The sound quality you get is balanced and crisp and you get inline microphone which was missing in audio Technica It’s sound is nice extra deep bass with clarity, all in all, it’s a great deal for 650 rupees.

Now you will say that it comes with a 200 version also but why do you want to purchase it why pay 100 rupees more? If you are having a lot of money than just Google pay me.

3) MI Earphones with built-in mike

When you will order this you will realize that it’s the packaging is very basic but like they say don’t judge a book by its cover, It’s braided wire is very less likely to get tangled or damaged and if you are clumsy like me and throw your phones literally anywhere then this one is a great option also the sound is HD quality but I think it focuses on base more than mids and highs.

The noise cancellation feature works fine and you get it for 699 rupees but only 6 months warranty.

4) Sennheiser CX213

I know you must have been thinking that I said wrong model number but no guys I am never wrong Sennheiser CX213 is a successor of CX180 which is very popular in budget earphones category CX213’s wire is tangle-free but the build is average housing of the speaker is finger countered and a super comfortable to wear…

The bass is great and the travel is also decent.. noise cancellation also works fine, So if you love listening to EDM in rap and can compromise an inline mic.. for 899 rupees and 2 years of warranty then this is the best option for you.

5) SONY M DR EX150

Sony, like it’s a full package for 899 just amazing the wire is premium quality and tangle-free It comes with the L-shaped gold-plated jack and inline, is also available. The housing of the speaker is super comfortable and for a long time but the sound is the boss like the bass treble in high it’s so good but it’s relatively high on the treble side all-in-all sound is best durability is good, you can consider it.

6) Boat BassHeads

The cheapest and most expensive earphones on the list are boat bass heads. It is known only by name that it is made for high bass lovers who like to dance on music. Because of the noise cancellation facility, you can enjoy your music without hassle in the crowd too it also has a microphone.

Talking about the design so boat bass heads are not very good but sustainable. It has to pay a little attention because it is a metal casing which is quite delicate, But in the range of 500-600 rupees it is a great earphone.

7) Smile Jamaica EM-JE041-SB

House of Marley India may not know much of the house of Marley, but in the US and UK, it has been quite a popular Smile Jamaica EM-JE041-SB is the earliest range of earphones but seeing this, you will lose mind. While colorful cable and wooden finish earbuds attract everyone, its clean sound and superb base make it the most different. If you want to try something new then these earphones of 800-900 rupees are a good deal.

8) Soundmagic ES18S

Soundmagic ES18S, which is only 8.5 grams, runs hard to expensive earphones High-quality and interesting sound-quality makes every kind of music enjoyable. Enjoying a balanced bass and treble, you may forget that the earphones have been placed With the convenience of the in-line mic, this earphone does not do anything differently, but only with a lighter of Rs 500-600, it gives a memorable experience.

9) Defunc Go Music Earphone

In terms of sound quality, Defunc Go is the best earphone in this list. Its high-output driver also does not burst the sounds in sharp volumes, as well as handles the unwanted voices efficiently, so that you can unknowingly disagree with your favorite music. Its earpiece is completely covered with silicon but the thin cable looks a little fragile. Despite this, you will not be disappointed with 800-900 rupees.


So these were my favorite under 1000 rupees these are easily available on Amazon or Flipkart. Do give me your suggestion in the COMMENT section and yes before you go, please share this article in your friend circle, family member, and relatives.

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