Add Spinach To Your Tikki To Make This Flavourful Aloo Palak Tikki Recipe

Don’t we as a whole cherish hara bhara kebab made with greens? Aloo palak tikki offers that equivalent interesting taste however no sweat of making a basic tikki.


Aloo palak tikki carries an energetic variety and taste to the standard tikki.It makes for eminent lunch time treat.You could in fact serve them to your visitors and relatives.

Current culinary scene in India has seen an extreme bowed towards western food varieties however our affection for Indian road food has never dwindled. We have grown up eating aloo tikkis and samosas however we actually slobber at the simple sight of these tidbits. Be it a road slow down, a wedding smorgasbord or home, aloo tikki tracks down favor on our plate each and every time. Yet, when tedium creeps in and you ache for various flavors, add spinach to your tikki to treat your taste buds. Aloo palak tikki carries a lively variety and taste to the standard aloo tikki.

The acidic and somewhat sweet taste of the spinach adds an entirely different aspect to our cherished tikki. Don’t we as a whole cherish hara bhara kebab made with greens? Aloo palak tikki offers that equivalent interesting taste yet effortlessly of making a straightforward tikki.

Assuming you are contemplating whether your tikki will hold the exemplary round shape and will it end up being fresh, have confidence, you will not be frustrated. In the recipe, we add some rice flour to make the tikki firm and bread parts of absorb the dampness and tie every one of the fixings together. Only one small extra course of sauteeing spinach and you will get a special tikki to serve to your visitors or relatives for a radiant lunch time eating session.

Aloo Palak Tikki Recipe I How To Make Tikki With Aloo And Palak:Prepare ahead of time by bubbling potatoes and permitting them to chill off. Then wash and saute spinach leaves with ginger-garlic glue, cumin seeds, turmeric, garam masala, salt and red bean stew powder. You can add preparing of your decision as well – coriander leaves, chaat masala, coriander powder and so forth.

Consolidate the spinach blend with crushed bubbled potatoes, rice flour and bread pieces, and profound fry or sear the tikkis made from the combination.

Take a stab at a new thing in the kitchen. This aloo palak tikki recipe is an incredible method for extending your culinary abilities.

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