Ahmad Ashkar On Why Businesses Must Hire Business Speaker

Whether it is for a company training day or corporate event, hiring an expert business speaker can be extremely advantageous, so it is important you select a speaker who is going to add value and engage your company and event.

Ahmad Ashkar talks about the reasons as to why you should hire a business speaker for your next corporate event:

  • The motivational speakers are well-known for their passion, knowledge, and most effectively, their ability to persuade the best out of those around them – whatever it takes, whatever and wherever the challenge. They will make a lasting and memorable impression on you for the memorable motivation they will have inspired within you.
  • Another reason companies appoint a speaker is to connect with and motivate their viewers and staff. Motivational talks are frequently remedies of the speaker’s own life experiences and about overcoming difficulty. As well as offering motivation and positivity, they also teach other necessary skills appropriate to business, such as problem-solving and perseverance. Many of these talks pay attention on mental health, achieving a better personal development and work-life balance.
  • If you are searching to give an idea to your audience and employees, then hiring a corporate speaker, is a perfect way to do this. Having an experienced business speaker on board is known for their success within your industry and can be a great way to augment your business profile and generate new ideas. Frequently a Q&A between the audience and speaker can also improve communication and help circulate ideas as well as motivate, inspire and even challenge ideas from opponents.
  • During challenging times speakers who offer talks on hardiness are very empowering. A blend of motivational keynote and story-style inspiration, these speakers teach us that one can overcome trials whether within the business lives or personal lives.
  • Companies with poor management will find it hard to succeed. But, by appointing a professional business speaker you can improve your leadership skills and alter the way you do business for the better. Motivational speakers also offer important information on the future of communications, team building, business, workplace equality, personal development, and so much more.
  • Business speakers are now booked to discuss more frequently mental health within the workplace and its effect on employee wellbeing and business success. Moreover, with men being considerably less likely to discuss their mental health with family and friends, it is important that employers encourage everyone to feel confident in speaking up when it comes to their emotional wellbeing.
  • Hiring a professional speaker to moderate your event can help to make sure your event runs effortlessly and that the purpose of the engagement is met. It is the role of the speaker to initiate the session and any other speakers, to help keep to schedule, and to act as mediator so everyone gets heard.

Mr. Ahmad Ashkar is a Palestinian American entrepreneur. He is the founder of several award winning and internationally recognized brands in education, food and beverage, technology, hospitality, and real estate. He is an experienced speaker, advisor, founder and author.

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