A Pilgrimage Trip to Bhimashankar

I recently decided to take a trip to Bhimashankar Temple. And being a student, the idea of me travelling solo did not go down well with my parents. However, since it was a visit to the temple, they agreed after a lot of banter. Now let me tell you a little about Bhimashankar followed by the trip.

Bhimashankar is a Jyotirlinga shrine and is located near Pune in Maharashtra. Peeping through the white clouds and away from the chaos of the city, Bhimashankar is known to be a pilgrimage’s paradise. I decided to leave at 7 AM and had booked a cab using  the top rated cab booking app.

I was excited to be away from the humdrum of city life, spend some time in the ghat region, and see the temple’s pure aura. Once I reached the Bhimashankar temple, I was stunned by the beautiful architecture of the temple. A mixture of old and new structures built in the Nagara style dating back to the 13th century. The structure is fairly new; however, I was told that the Bhimasankaram shrine is present in ancient literature dating back to the 13th century.

After I was done exploring the whole temple, I arranged for accommodation, with the help of a local priest in the area, who helped me with the arrangements for a comfortable stay. A surreal experience was all that I wanted and hence decided to stay in the Dharamshala near the village itself.

Well, after a long day, and with peace and tranquillity in heart and mind, I went to rest. After which, I again visited the Bhimashankar temple to worship. While I spent my time on the premises, I saw rare flora and wildlife thrive in the thick woods surrounding the high peaks. At the very extremity of the Sahyadri Ranges, this location provides a spectacular perspective of the globe around the local rivers and hilly regions. Also, did you know that the Bhima River, which runs southeast and joins with the Krishna River, originates at Bhimashankar? I was fascinated by this.

Spending so much time at the temple, I genuinely felt that Bhimashankar is undoubtedly one of God’s most beautiful creations, with boundless expanses of virgin woods, high peaks that appear to rise to the skies, and the murmuring waters of the Bhima River. Lord Shiva appears to be maintaining a quiet vigil over the beautiful Sahyadris mountains.

Bhimashankar is a trekker’s joy and a traveller’s sojourn, with just the peaceful murmuring of the cool wind and the occasional chirping of birds interrupting the peace.

I spent two days in the lap of nature feeling close to God, worshipping and leaving behind the city’s troubles. I also travelled a lot, exploring the neighbouring areas. There were cabs from Pune to Bhimashankar, which kept my travel option safe for the 2 days. This pilgrimage to Bhimashankar was a once in a lifetime experience. Visiting one of the 12 Jyotirlingas felt like an achievement and made me come so close to God.

I was astonished at how devoted everyone present in the temple was, murmuring small prayers and appreciating the beauty of nature surrounding the whole temple. With the beautiful river flowing close by and birds chirping, I truly found inner peace during my 2 days pilgrimage to Bhimashankar.

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