Bengaluru Man Credits City Traffic For His Marriage, His Story Circulates Around The Web

A post about a sentiment that bloomed in Bengaluru’s rush hour gridlock has acquired a great deal of consideration.

Bengaluru is notable for its clogged streets as well as areas of strength for its industry. Individuals experiencing difficulty driving on the city’s potholed streets have been accounted for on various events before. And all accounts have horrible results related with them. In any case, one occasion shows that Bengaluru’s irritating and debilitating gridlocks could likewise have a positive result. You’ll grin at one romantic tale that created because of being growled up in rush hour gridlock. What’s more, this romantic tale has circulated around the web after it was shared on Twitter.

As indicated by a Reddit client, he met his significant other near Sony World Sign, where they later became companions. He was dropping her off one day when the development of the Ejipura flyover constrained them to stall out in rush hour gridlock.

They picked an alternate course away from the gridlocked region since they were both disturbed and hungry. They went for supper together, and their sentiment started from that second.

By adding a hilarious contort to his heartfelt romantic tale, the creator outlined how troublesome the development circumstance had been in the city that filled in as an IT center.

He uncovered that the whole episode occurred five years after the fact. The flyover is as yet not got done, in spite of the couple dating and getting hitched during the resulting years.

The Reddit client from Bengaluru stated, “I’ve referenced this in another string, however I met my better half close to Sony World Sign. I haven’t put the entire story there, yet the substance is that one day I was dropping her home (just realized her as a companion in those days) and we got stuck some place close by due to the Ejipura flyover work. We got disappointed and were ravenous so we redirected and proceeded to eat close by. In any case, I’ve dated her for quite some time from that point forward and been hitched for quite a long time, yet the 2.5 km flyover is still under development.”

On Twitter, a screen capture of his Reddit post was posted, engaging a huge number of clients.

In excess of 4,000 individuals have preferred and responded to the post on Twitter. The web-based entertainment clients went on and on about the beguiling romantic tale and portrayed their own terrible encounters with clogged traffic in Bengaluru.

One client stated, “Can relate. That flyover is under development for all the time I’ve been in Bengaluru.”

Despite the fact that gridlock in the city is a horrendous issue, individuals appear to have changed in accordance with it. Various web-based images about Bengaluru’s traffic have been made, and it has acquired some conspicuousness.


A heartfelt short film called “Silk Board, A Traffic Romantic tale” was even propelled by Bengaluru’s clogged Silk Board intersection.

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