Buying Second Hand Furniture For Your Home

Furniture is the accessory that makes the rooms come together and helps us to enjoy the amenities of a comfortable lifestyle.  Since it is a large part of our home, we cannot replace furniture as often as we would like.  Instead of having to save up for furniture, why not buy second hand or reuse furniture?

When you are on a budget, second hand is the way to go.   If you have decided to thrift your furniture instead of buying it new, there are a few things you need to know.

Where to Thrift Furniture

You can buy inexpensive second-hand furniture online to save money. The thing about buying second-hand furniture, you have to be willing to search for this furniture and make sure you get the best deal.  The internet is like an open marketplace.  Be sure to shop from popular, secure websites to protect your financial information.  This will also reduce the risk after you have completed your purchases. Some of the favorite source is Craiglist, Ebay and Etsy.


The type of furniture listings you would find will vary by location so you might want to search for nearby cities or towns. It is easy to score great deals on almost new pieces from popular furniture bands if in large cities and their suburbs. Whereas in rural areas, you will have better luck finding antiques and rare items.

Get Ready

If you are looking at a specific item, check for new postings at least once a day.  When a popular item appears, the seller could receive dozen of messages at once. Make yours stand out by sounding straightforward, decisive, and ready to act.  If a listing includes a phone number, it is better to text in addition to emailing.


If you find that a listing has been live for more than a couple of days, do go ahead and submit a best offer.  Search comparable and recently sold items to get a sense of what is a  reasonable price. Remember to act fast when an item you have been searching for finally appears.  If the price is fair, take it or even up the price a bit, if there is competition.

See What Are Fixable

If you saw an item that you love but has minor imperfections, do not walk away from it.  Minor scratches or an ugly stain can be easily refinished.  Outdated knobs can be replaced easily.

Shipping Furniture

Once you have purchased your furniture online, it is time to look into furniture shipping.  If in any case that the seller is unable to arrange for the shipping of furniture or you are unable to collect it yourself, you will have to enlist the help of a moving company to receive the best possible care for your furniture.

There are many furniture moving companies and services available, and very often this can be overwhelming and time-consuming when trying to trawl through the internet and phone books to find the right shipping company.  Fret not because an online shipping platform like Shiply can assist.  They have hundreds of rated furniture movers on their platform who can send personalized quotes to our mailbox.  This allows you to compare quotes in one place and work out which is best for you.

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