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Honesty Is The Best Policy – Class Fifth Story Moral Story

If you are looking for stories for your kid, then we are going to provide you with two honesty is the best policy story having a moral. Have a look and enjoy the story on honesty is the best policy for class 5 with your kids:

STORY 1-Here is the first story on honesty is the best policy. Have a look if you want your child to learn short story on honesty is the best policy. This honesty is best policy story that will help you in teaching your child to speak the truth.

Short stories based on honesty is the best policy

(Story of honesty is the best policy) Once there lived a woodcutter in a simple and small village. He was very nice and a good person. His main job was to cut woods, bring them from the jungle and then sell them off to the people. The woodcutter was the person having the only ax for cutting up the woods. (Honesty is the best policy short story) Unfortunately, one day while he was cutting the woods in the jungle, his axe felt off in the river over there. Therefore, the river was very deep and the woodcutter was not knowing how to swim. After thinking about this he became very sad and was sitting with a heavy heart because he was not having enough money to buy a new axe. He was very much poor why he became very much depressed. (Story honesty is the best policy).

He started blaming himself for this loss and starts crying. Suddenly an angel appears in front of him and says him to stop crying. (Short story on honesty is the best policy for kids) The angel weeps off his tears and makes him happy. After this, the angel asks the woodcutter that why he was crying and what happened. He told the angle everything and took pity on him. (Short story on honesty is the best policy with moral).

The angel then thought of helping the woodcutter by magical powers. The angel went back to the river and came out with a golden and beautiful axe. (Honesty is the best policy long story) The angel asked the woodcutter if this axe is his or not, the woodcutter replied: “no this is not my axe”. He said I was having a simple axe, I cannot afford such a beautiful and costly axe. The angel went back again and came out with the silver axe, she again asked the woodcutter. (a story on honesty is the best policy) He again replied that this is not my axe and told the angel that my axe is of iron. After hearing this the angel went back again to the river and bought the iron axe from there. Then the angel asked if this axe is yours, the woodcutter replied yes. He became very happy after seeing and the angel also felt glad and gave both the other axes also to the woodcutter. (Story on honesty is the best policy with moral).

MORAL- “Story is honesty is the best policy”. So always speak the truth and you will get all the good things in your life. Have to look to learn one more honesty is the best policy story in English.

STORY 2- Once there lived a poor boy, his father died because of some problems. He and his widow mother were the only ones now but their financial conditions were very poor. There was no source of income in their family, so all the burden came on the boy. (Short stories based on honesty is the best policy) He tried a lot to find a job for successfully running his house. But he wasn’t able to do so because he was not getting any kind of job. (Short stories on honesty is the best policy).

story on honesty is the best policy for class 5

One day while going home after an interview, he found a bag full of money. The bag was having more than one lakhs money and an address car was also there. (Honesty is the best policy story in Hindi) He took that bag home and told his mother about this, his mother strictly said him to return this bag to the owner. He went to the address that was there in the bag and the owner of that bag was a big person having a mill. (Honesty is the best policy story in 100 words) He returned the bag and after that, the owner asked him where he’s doing his job is. He told all the story to the mill owner and he gave him the job over there. Ergo, this is all because of its honesty and truthful work. So, always remember to speak the truth and be honest because “honesty is the best policy story essay”.

Therefore, these are the two stories that will help your child in learning about “Honesty is the best policy”. If you want to have more honesty is the best policy story in 50 words for your kids, then let us know in the comment section below.

Stay connected to have more honesty is the best policy story in Tamil or other languages like this.

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