New Education Policy 2020 Highlights And Various Faqs Related To It

The new education policy 2020 was announced by the Modi government along with the Education Minister has created a much brainstorming around the Indian education system. This policy in India aims in focusing on education that will help the young minds of the country in terms of developing it and bringing out the talents through the best education possible.

So these are the highlights of new education policy 2020

  1. Removal of 10+2 board structure
  2. Introduction of new school structure will be 5+3+3+4
  3. 5- will be for preschool section, 6 to 8 will be of Mid School section, 8 to 11 High School second and 12 onwards graduation
  4. From 6th onwards availability of vocational courses
  5. Choice of subjects given from 8th to 11th
  6. Degree education will be of 4 years for all streams
  7. There will be major and minor subjects in all graduation courses, for example: for science stream- Physics will be major and music will be minor. Or any combination of subjects can be chosen.
  8. Only one governing body for single regulatory authority will manage higher education
  9. UGC AICTE will be merged.
  10. All sections including Private, open, vocational, deemed, etc have same grading structure along with other rules and regulations
  11. Introduction of new teacher training board will be available for teachers in the country and no state has the right to change the same
  12. According to the ratings of the college with the same level of accreditation to any college will be given with autonomous rights and funds
  13. No parents hand each their children up to three years at home and from the age group of 3 to 6 years old can opt for preschool will be the new basic learning program created by the government
  14. Exams will be held as per semester wise which will be twice a year for all school level exams
  15. Practical and application knowledge will be more focused
  16. Opportunity to get multiple exit and entry from any course
  17. The graduation credit system will be offered to which year student along with some credits that you can utilize once it takes a break from the courts and when he later comes again to complete the course
  18. The syllabus will be reduced and will be considered and focus on the core knowledge of any subject
  19. All graduation courses which had universities will all be governed by a single authority with capping on each course
  20. Student completes any graduation course first year you will be given a basic certificate. If he completes the second year successfully you will be given a diploma certificate. And if he completes the full course successfully then we will get a degree certificate this means that no your student will be wasted even if you leave the course in between.

In this way, our new education policy has given an enthusiastic way through which our education system will be at par and considered in the modern cities and will be helping the children to become bright India coming future.

Faqs mostly asked by parents on the new educational policy 2020

Q.1. From when will be the policy implemented?

The policy is particularly at the revision stage right now and this will take around two to three years for it to come into a proper shape.

Q.2. One of my children is studying in class 10th and another in 12th  will this policy affect him in any way this year?

As I mentioned above there will be e the same syllabus sem books in force and other things will be in effect as soon as the policy will be implemented which will take around 2 to 3 years to come into action so you don’t need to worry about the happenings of this year’s education system as the new policy needs some more time to come into action.

Q.3. Will there be any sort of changes in the fees system?

Once the regulatory authority takes its place then the setting cap and structuring of the fees charged by the schools and colleges will be considered as well.

Q.4. Studies in only Hindi or regional languages at preschool for primary level will happen after implementing a new policy?

No, the main thing will you prefer that regional language is the vernacular language will be taken as a basic level learning language through which children will know certain things effectively and easily.

Q.5. In which year will these be applicable?

Hopefully not before 2023.

Q.6. What will happen to the board exams?

For now, the 10th and 12th board exams will be remaining as it is, along with the present syllabus as of now. But when the new education policy is implemented for the changes would be taken and students along with the parents will be informed about the same.

Q.7. Will all the studies be taken in Hindi only?

No definitely not Hindi is a regional language and other languages will be preferred language but, it is the school’s decision to of English language as the primary medium of instruction.

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