Tips To Incorporate Right Images On Large Size Booth Display

When it comes to creating large graphic prints, then you have to consider various important factors so that you get the desired outputs. The graphic designer should create graphic designs carefully, especially for the trade booth graphic display.

Most people consider that large exhibition graphics designing and printing is very difficult. But, once you get to know the basic steps and important factors to consider, then this process is quite simple. Here, we are going to describe various tips and trick that will help you to design amazing trade booth graphic display:

1. Visible From Distance

The beauty of large-size display graphics on the exhibition stand is that they look crisp and amazing, even from the distant location. Therefore, the display graphics of the trade booth should be of high-quality. The large size trade booth display graphics should be clearly visible to the passerby and distant trade show attendees.  

2. Leverage The Power Of Computer

If you want to design graphic design in a large format, then you should consider the power of the computer. The latest graphic designing software helps you to design high-pixels images that can be printed on a large display. The high-pixels images do not fade away after printing. 

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best examples for designing the large size trade booth display. Leverage the power of the computer to design the best graphic display for your booth. You can also collect various exhibition graphic design exhibition ideas for preparing outstanding graphic displays. 

3. High Resolution For Large Format

The large format designs need high-resolution images. Moreover, the large format printer works with the high pixels images ranging from 100 to 120 PPI. It is recommended that you should read the rules and regulations to print the large size graphic booth display. Also, you should consult the printing service provider to know the rules of printing the large format display. 

If the printing contractors state that the requirement for printing the large size graphic display is 100 PPI, then you should prepare the raster images of 100 PPI. You should know this resolution in advance before starting the designing process of the graphic display for bespoke display stands.

4. Viewing at 100% Zoom

Once you have prepared the designs that you have to print on your graphic display, then check whether it is of high resolution or not. But, how you will really get to know that design you have prepared is perfect for printing on your graphic display. 

For instance, if the 11″ x 17″ 300 PPI image is dropped over the 100 PPI. You can easily print that image over the 33″ x 51″ display without pixelation or fading effect. It is one of the best examples of image enlargement. You do not have to alter the size of your file in any way. Before printing the image over the large display, you should check your image at the 100% zoom.

5. Manual Touch Ups

Along with the scaling of images that you have to print on the trade booth graphic display, you have to do some manual touch-ups so that you get the desired result. After all, the trade show display graphics play a vital role in achieving success. The manual touch-ups will help in giving the perfect finish to the trade show graphic display. Moreover, you should use the “add noise,” “dust and scratches,” and the “reduce noise” filters after increasing the size of images. 

The final touch-ups will improve the quality of your image. It is recommended that you should do the experiment with these above-mentioned filters so that you get the best large format display images. After using these filters, do not forget to check your image at the 100% zoom. Make sure that your images look perfect at the 100% zoom.

6. Choose The Right Software

Usually, the large format printing machines accept the print files prepared by using Photoshop and Illustrator software. But, there are various types of printing software available in the market, and you should choose the right one. Make sure that your software supports the printing machine of the hired printing contractor. 

Thus, you should confirm from your printing service provider whether the image designing software you are going to use is supported by their machine or not. You should choose the right software for preparing the graphic design art exhibits. 

7. Check The Graphic Requirements

All large format jobs always have some specific requirements set. You should make a list of those requirements and convey this list to your trade booth graphic designer and printer as well. If you want to have optimum printing results, then this requirement list plays a vital role.

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