Space Invaders Forever and the Enduring Popularity of a Gaming Classic

Plenty of exciting innovations have emerged in the video gaming world recently, but that has not stopped the industry from celebrating its past across the last few months.

For example, there has been plenty of activity around the 40th anniversary of Pac-Man, with the arcade icon even being inducted into the Comic-Con Museum Character Hall of Fame. In addition, Sega released a host of content including original mini-games to mark its 60th birthday.

Now, another major name from gaming’s past is back in the spotlight, as Space Invaders has returned to consoles in a new package.

Unique takes on a classic

As a press release on Gamasutra outlines, Space Invaders Forever has been created by TAITO and ININ Games and is now available for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

The new collection brings together three different takes on the classic arcade game, with Space Invaders Extreme giving players the chance to team up with friends and also enjoy a soundtrack from the sound production team ZUNTATA.

In contrast, Arkanoid vs Space Invaders combines the two famous franchises to create a whole new way of playing, while Space Invaders Gigamax 4 SE evokes the look and feel of the 1978 version of the game. However, the latter also has one extra trick up its sleeve, as the gameplay has now been expanded so that up to four players can take part.

A new chapter

The launch of the Space Invaders Forever collection is a fascinating new chapter in the story of this absolute gaming classic. Few would deny the impact that the game has had, as it clearly continues to delight more than 40 years on from its launch.

In addition, it could perhaps be argued that the influence of Space Invaders is reflected in the way that science fiction and space, in general, have become key genres in gaming. So many different titles and styles have embraced those themes, from Eve Online and Halo to the numerous games based on Star Wars. Space has also been effectively integrated into online slot gaming too – for example, CasinoWings details how new games are constantly being developed, with some companies taking a chance on space-themed experiences. The site highlights Space Hunters and Visitors as two specific titles to look out for.

However, the influence of Space Invaders extends purely beyond themes, as it has played a key role in other parts of the video gaming story too. For instance, the British eSports Association and other sites detail how a Space Invaders tournament held in 1980 is regarded as one of the earliest examples of a major eSports-style event.

Still going strong

When all of that is considered, it seems fair to say that Space Invaders should be regarded as a video gaming classic. It is pretty remarkable that the game is still going strong, with the new Space Invaders Forever collection being a great opportunity for a whole new generation to fall for its charms. It might be a big part of gaming’s past, but it seems like the Space Invaders story is not quite finished yet.

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