The Main Benefits of Using an Excavator in Your Business

There are many different uses for lift trucks in a corporate environment, especially if you have a large industrial or commercial facility. Whether you need them to move heavy items to new areas or you simply need equipment to make large projects run more efficiently, you can get a lot of benefits from working with a excavator dealer in the Netherlands.

Where are excavators applicable in the Netherlands?

Excavators are most often found in facilities such as warehouses, storage facilities and factories. These types of facilities require excavators to move large, heavy objects efficiently. In many types of facilities, excavators are the heaviest-working piece of equipment you can have. For this reason, it is important to give priority to reliability and quality when purchasing an excavator. You want it to last for years to come, and it becomes critical to your business.

Excavators are versatile and efficient nowadays

Excavators are very different in today’s world than they were in decades past – these are no longer the very simple diesel powered machines they once were. Today’s excavators are much more versatile and efficient, mostly powered by electricity, and manufactured to operate much safer than ever before. You will find a wide variety of excavator types, from small, compact units to larger excavators designed for driving over rough terrain.

Here are just a few examples of some of the main benefits of using excavators in a commercial or industrial setting:

  • Fuel efficiency: Because today’s lift trucks are primarily electric, they will be much more economical than the gas-powered machines of the past. This means you don’t have to worry about tons of money in fuel to keep your excavators running.
  • Load capacities: Today’s excavators are also capable of lifting significantly heavier loads than in previous years. Some lift trucks can handle between 15 and 20 tons of material! This means you can find excavators with almost any type of capacity you need to get the job done in your facility. Do you need more payload? You can also lease a tractor (translated to Dutch: trekker leasen)  for a one-off project lasting several months.
  • Safety: Excavators are safer than ever before thanks to updates in manufacturing and design. Employees are no longer forced to invent their own types of custom safety systems that are unlikely to pass an OSHA inspection. Now excavators are built with numerous safety features that have resulted in a significant decrease in the number of injuries and deaths of workers trying to perform excavator related activities.
  • Rent: If you can’t afford to buy an excavator, you can generally find reasonably priced rental cars so you can get the job done without going into massive debt to your business. You can also lease an excavator (translate to Dutch: graafmachine leasen).
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