The Most Effective Anti-Dandruff Shampoo For Men In India

Dandruff is an incredibly unpleasant and permanent issue for males who have an incredibly complicated business and personal lives.  India has a predominantly warm and humid climate and elevated pollutants in metropolitan regions.  People appear to function quickly and abandon little time for protection and hygiene of their hair.  Men with low levels of hygiene and oily skin attract more dust and other contaminants that can be used for dandruff reproduction.

Dead skin cells are removed from the scalp faster and the decaying skin cells are clamped with the aid of scalp oil. The grey or pale white flakes are recognized as dandruff, which is very unpleasant when seen on the hair and shoulders of others.  Many use creams and expensive shampoos to resolve the problem, but most cosmetics don’t extract dandruff properly.

Best treatments contain active ingredients that target symptoms and combat various possible causes. The ketomac shampoo which is best anti dandruff shampoo in india for men includes the active ingredient ketoconazole, the most prevalent source of serious and rigid dandruff. After only a few uses, you will see a notable difference. This formula will improve even if your dandruff has another root cause.

How dandruff spreads

The moist scalp is the dandruff source. Malassezia is some type of wet skin and oily hair fungal. Dandruff has also caused extreme stress, a poor immune system, or hormone requirements.  It is now suggested to use ketoconazole shampoo for men with dandruff. It also has zinc pyrithion, efficient dandruff fighting element.

Advantages of ketomac shampoo

The anti-dandruff shampoo comprises two per cent aqueous solution of ketoconazole.  Ketoconazole reacts to the cell membrane of the malassezia and punches the cell membrane.  The perforation of the membrane of the fungus falls gradually.  The fungus cannot reproduce in the permanence of ketoconazole, and the skin is progressively eliminated from the dandruff.

The shampoo may be used once or twice a day according to the instructions and is usually recommended by the doctors. After massaging the shampoo on the scalp, it should be held 5 to 10 minutes and then carefully cleaned with water.  Clean the scalp for 2 to 3 minutes. The anti-dandruff shampoos should often be used once a month or once in two months to prevent the reappearance of dandruff.


Persons with basic consciousness are now aware of the current usage of ketomac shampoo by physicians.  Ketoconazole is linked to 2 per cent of the dandruff shampoo in an effective marine solution. The dandruff shampoo for mens in india should be used in small quantities. Rub it on your scalp gently for about 4 or 5 minutes. The efficacy of the Ketomac is measured in a 14 day period. The problem can be removed within one or two months when the Dandruff shampoo is used.

Ketomac Shampoo should not be used by people with heart disease without doctors ‘ guidance. The product is used to dry and moisturize the skin. Thinning of the scalp gives too much trouble with this shampoo.

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