Thesis Checker: Your Tool to Eliminate Plagiarism

Plagiarism in students’ writing is a concern in educational institutions around the world. Studies show that students plagiarize for several reasons. The prime one is to attain better grades on the academic paper. The other reasons are they do not have much time to research because of poor time-management skills, they lack interest, and they think plagiarism is unimportant. Writing thesis is time-consuming, and it naturally induces a student to copy someone’s work and use it as his or her own. With a thesis checker, you can avoid it.

Intro on Thesis Checker

Plagiarism in educational institutions is academic dishonesty, and there are disciplinary procedures addressing it. The consequences of plagiarism are severe with course failure, grade reduction, failure on academic paper, suspension, and maybe dismissal. Students generally engage in the research process while writing thesis, and take notes copying words from a particular source. This may lead to unintentional plagiarism when paraphrasing or summarising ideas taken from the source. With an online plagiarism checker, you can avoid any sort of unintentional plagiarism.

All you have to do is to copy and paste the content on the space given in the URL or upload your thesis document and scan. The plagiarism checker for thesis will compare the document with the billions of websites, documents, journals and academic papers online, and give a detailed report.

How Does It Benefit You?

Using a plagiarism checker will help benefit students and educational institutions in a number of ways.

1.      Helps Compare Your Work with a Range of Sources Online

With a reliable student plagiarism checker, you can scan your thesis for any intentional or unintentional plagiarism through a range of sources or databases. The advanced features on the tool helps you scan your content through files with all Unicode languages. The specific search mechanism helps students conduct a thorough check of the thesis paper and receive a detailed plagiarism report within seconds.

2.      Access the Software from Any Device

The highly sophisticated plagiarism software enables you to download the app on any smart devices and scan the assignments or research papers instantly. The tool helps you upload the files, images, and URLs of your research paper for scanning and receive a comprehensive report showing the copied sources, similarity matches, original text and statistics.

3.      API Integrated

The API-integrated university plagiarism checker facilitates the detection of paraphrased, altered or similar content on the student paper by searching extensively through external and internal sources, which includes the institution’s databases and archives. By integrating with the Learning Management System (LMS), the college or school can get alerts if a student uses any special or hidden characters to cheat the plagiarism scan.

4.      Automated AI-Based Grading

The artificial intelligence-based grader helps you grade a large number of written assignments accurately and easily. The tool is so designed to determine an accurate grade.

5.      Suits Any Format

When it comes to a plagiarism checker for thesis, it is compatible to suit several file formats such as .doc, txt, .pdf, HTMI, and so on. Moreover, the built-in OCR technology enables a student to photograph the physical paper and project reports and upload them online to scan any copied content.

How Safe Is It?

There are not many plagiarism checking tools that are safe and detects all types of plagiarism accurately. Among those that detects them helps to identify paraphrasing with altered or related-meaning content. Where a student accidently plagiarizes the text, without knowing how to use quotes or give appropriate references to the content used from the original source.

The scanner is safe enough to inform you of any text that you have unknowingly lifted while writing the research paper, and it also safeguards your copyright by updating you regularly of any plagiarism issues later.

How Does a Thesis Checker Work?

Students with the help of a thesis checker can upload their thesis paper or dissertation in any file format for checking. The scanner uses the algorithm to divide your research paper into sections and compared with a wide range of resources online. Once the scanning is done, you are given a detailed report highlighting the suspected areas for plagiarism in different colors. The report also shows the sources of original text, similarity content, and the percentage of matched content.


Academic institutions deal with plagiarism seriously. You can save yourself from any disqualification from your course or program by using a thesis checker to scan your paper for any unintentional plagiarism.

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