What Extras You Can Have To Take Your Party One Level Up!!

Be it even a small party with limited guests, and every host wants to make it stirring and memorable. So, are you renting a party bus in TX, throwing a party, and want to add up some exciting stuff to it but have no idea what to do? Don’t worry! You’re in the right place. In this article, a few things are listed that you can use to make your party electrifying. Read on and add beautiful colours to your party that it deserves.

  1. Cool Temporary Tattoos

Tattoos are the coolest things. People of all ages love to get a tattoo, hence it is the best option that you can opt for to have at your party. This tattoo can be of people’s own choice or yours. Like, if it is a theme party, then identical tattoos would be a great idea. You can hire a tattoo artist or get a Prinker to get the work done yourself. Prinker is a modern, all-in-one temporary tattoo solution. It is easy to use, and the tattoo is water-resistant but soap washable.

  1. Inviting Selfie Corner

People go crazy after selfies, it’s like a never-ending obsession! 🙂  If your party is theme-based then it is recommended to have a selfie corner the same as per the theme. In case, it is not a theme party then all you have to do is think a little. Like, if your party is for kids, then the selfie corner should have cool superheroes, cartoons, or Disney characters. Bonus points if you have a few props in your selfie corner.

  1. Exciting Game Zones

Next up on the list, we have ‘Exciting Game Zones’. If people of all ages are your guests then you must think of everyone’s source of entertainment. A thrilling game zone can help here. This would not only engage people but also keep them far away from boredom.

Instead of a separate game zone, you can also organize a single game where everyone can participate and enjoy like, a treasure hunt or so forth. ‘Prize for the Winner’ can help to bring out everyone’s competitive side and create a happening environment.

  1. Set up a DIY Bar

Instead of stressing over a particular cocktail for all your guests, set up a DIY Bar where everyone is allowed to prepare their drinks. Make sure that your DIY Bar meets all the requirements of a mixologist- like fresh citrus, cocktail shaker, and glassware. This Bar set up can be made attractive to have an extra eye-catching thing at your party.

  1. Create an outdoor Theatre

For a small get together, set up a projection screen in your backyard or anywhere near the pool and showcase a classic movie. Make sure your movie isn’t dull because you’re doing this to have an arresting environment. You can also set up a snack bar near it with a few drinks.

These are the five most exciting set-ups to have at a party to make it different from other regular parties. Hope it helps!

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