Various Categories Of Hostels In Mumbai

Hostels are accommodation with sociable environment where multiple people or students can hire by rent. The accommodation facilities may include one single bed or bunk bed, lounge, possibly a kitchen and washroom on sharing basis. The price offered in this style of living is very cheap as it only bears the basic necessity of living. But, Luxury hostels offer some extra facilities rather than basic hostels like free Wi-Fi, single room rather than sharing of rooms.

Features of hostels

In Mumbai, cheap hostels may be available with fulfilling bare necessity of living. Hostels in Mumbai are really cheap rather than other modes of renting houses. The hostels in Mumbai offer all the needs the residents may require. The candidates may have great stay in the hostels in Mumbai. Online booking is possible for hostels in Mumbai. Confirmation of booking can be availed by the customers.24 x 7 hours of customer services are available regarding online booking. The hostels in Mumbai are equipped with good beds, and other facilities. The residents may have great stay with hostels in the heart of Mumbai.

Luxury hostels in Mumbai

The hostels in Mumbai are more budget friendly and basic in concept. But Luxury hostels in Mumbai offer more facilities than ordinary hostels. It may offer free Wi-Fi, single room occupation without sharing and other facilities. People can avail hostels depending on the categories like girls’ hostels, boys’ hostels, school hostels etc. The residents can select the hostels depending on the location. They can select the locations of hostels where they have to travel minimum distance to college, schools or offices. In this way, the transportation cost will be minimized and they can save money. The hostels are scattered at various locations all throughout Mumbai.

Various categories

Hostels are scattered with various ranges of budgets. People can avail, cheap, midrange or costly depending on the facilities offered. The school or college going students can select cheap hostels while service people can manage with higher rates of hostels.  This depends on the cash flow in their pockets. Luxury hostels can be selected at any location depending upon the cost. There are hostels also very near the international airports in Mumbai. There are hostels for adults in Mumbai. These hostels offer numerous facilities to avail and the residents can have a perfect stay. People can overview the reviews of the hostels online before booking it.


The cheap hostels may be availed with awkward locations. People will accept the hostels with the odd routes only due to cheap rates. The locations of hostels may demand money and the budget may be on the higher side. The cost of living in Mumbai is higher .But, people can avail budget friendly hostels. There are lot hostels for working women in Mumbai. Women can check the facilities before booking the hostels. All class of people can have hostels as per suitability in Mumbai. The city is full of various industries and educational institutes. Therefore, many students, service people migrate from other cities to stay in Mumbai. Mumbai offers the hostels as per suitability.

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