Why Has Amazon Suspended My Seller Account for No Reason?

Did you know that Amazon can suspend your Seller account for apparently no reason? As you know, even a minor mistake on your part can seem like a global tragedy in Amazon’s eyes. Therefore, your main mission is to scrutinize your entire account in order to detect the reason for your no-reason suspension. Once you face a specific item which may be a reason for your account’s deactivation, immediately delete it from your listing.

Your next step should be checking your customers’ feedback. Among all the rackets of Amazon’s chaotic inner workings, you can easily miss your buyers’ feedback, which can easily become a reason for your account’s suspension. Therefore, it is better to scrutinize all your reviews in advance in order to prevent any negative consequences. And the third important part of your investigation is checking your performance notifications, since the real reason for your suspension can be hidden in these notifications.

Mysterious Notifications

When receiving notifications from Amazon, most sellers do not pay enough attention. Well, you should, since even if they are very short and blurry, you have to do your best to find out the main meaning that lies behind them. Sometimes, most sellers cannot catch the point of these notifications; they get suspended for what they think is “no reason.”  However, keep in mind that these notifications can play a crucial role in your business. Via these short messages, Amazon sends you a signal that something has gone wrong with your business.

Dear Amazon…

If you find yourself at a dead-end in detecting the reason for your suspension, you have to be ready to reach out to Amazon through Seller Central. You can also use the option of getting phone support, which gives you an opportunity to explain your special situation to Amazon. Your main goal is to convince Amazon that you have not violated any of its policies, and your account suspension is completely baseless. You should be prepared for the fact that Amazon will ask you to provide all the necessary information on your Seller account.

Do Not Turn a Blind Eye Toward Your POA.

Keep in mind that you should never write your Plan of Action without knowing the exact reason for your suspension since you will risk increasing your problems by doing so. You can trust this process to Got Suspended Clients where we will easily detect the root cause of your suspension, and our appeal Amazon suspension services will provide you with a professional Plan of Action in order to show Amazon that your account’s suspension should be revoked considering the information you will provide.  Feel free to reach out to us, and we will solve all your Amazon business issues within a matter of days! If the question “Can I have two Amazon accounts with different emails?” is running through your head, we will also help out with this tricky process!

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