Apps to Take Good Care of Your Motorcycle


Owning a powerful Kawasaki or a gorgeous Harley-Davidson has been my dream for years. Work, family and other factors kept me away from indulging in my obsession with motorcycles. Last year, I was finally able to get my first two-wheeler and really hit the road as I’ve always wanted to. Still, with it came a few challenges that every owner is bound to experience at one point or another. Just like a car, a motorbike can siphon in a lot of your hard-earned cash. In order to avoid the pitfalls, I had to learn a few things.

Absorb the knowledge if you’re just getting started

As a total beginner, you should always make sure to learn the basics before you jump into a purchase. Getting a new bike is no different than choosing a car, a home, or even starting a small business. There’s so much to consider. Different brands offer different types of vehicles, each with their own perks and downsides. A more powerful machine will also require a lot more gas to run, not to mention more frequent maintenance. Needless to say, you should always consider the size of your budget and never stretch it too thin. Motorcycles are easily bought and sold so, even if your first one is not the exact type you want, you can still slowly save up for a better vehicle, all while enjoying the one you currently have.

Buy & sell without getting ripped off

In addition to having a solid knowledge of the workings of your bike, you should also know the prices on the market – regardless of whether you are looking to buy or sell. The average enthusiast will change more than a dozen two-wheelers during their lifetime – the more affluent people being able to maintain a collection. Staying aware of price fluctuations on the market can help you determine the right time to make a sale or purchase a new ride. Many professionals in the field are notorious for their dodgy dealings so knowing what you’re getting yourself into is always the best way to go.

Consider future maintenance & upgrades

It’s not too difficult to find a motorcycle enthusiast who takes great pleasure in maintaining and upgrading their bike. In fact, tweaking and performance-boosting is probably my favorite part of the hobby. Nowadays, you can do quite a bit of this with the help of smartphone apps. You should be able to track your motorcycle’s performance, calculate maintenance expenses, and even consider how the weather can affect your two-wheeler. These apps have been particularly useful to me.

Great Apps for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Today, motorcycle lovers have more information at their disposal than ever before. It would be a shame not to use it – especially if you want to get the maximum out of your two-wheeler.


Motorcycles are a great source of pleasure but can also get you in a good deal of trouble. Before getting a new one, you should be prepared. Learning as much as you possibly can about all the types and brands out there is an important first step. Buying and selling can be tricky so always make sure that you know the prices on the market. It could save you a lot of trouble, not to mention money. Finally, if you are looking to tweak your vehicle, know that your smartphone can be your best friend.

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