Tunnel Wash Car Wash Systems Vietnam

Tunnel wash car washes operate in such a way that the cleaning apparatus remains stationary and the vehicle moves through the building on a conveyor belt. Typically these will take shape in a long narrow building with cars entering on one end and, after going through a series of cleaning, rinsing and drying equipment and procedures, emerging from the other end clean and dry.

This style of car wash is usually manned by at least one attendant per shift and often several. The main job of the attendants is to assist the customer in choosing a wash style (i.e. basic, deluxe, etc.), completing the transaction, attempt to upsell certain aspects of the wash, and to ensure the customer is properly aligned within the Tunnel Wash to prevent accidents and hold-ups. Primarily attendants are utilized to maintain the speed of the operation.

Once a transaction is completed the customer will drive into the end of the tunnel wash onto a conveyor belt, directed by an attendant, and pull the vehicle to a stopping block. The attendant may instruct the driver to stop at the proper point or a loud horn and/or flashing light will alert the driver they are in the proper location. Once the vehicle is in the correct position the driver will be instructed by signage or an attendant to put the vehicle in neutral and remove their foot from the brake pedal. The driver will stay in the vehicle for the cầu nâng 1 trụ Việt Nam.

At this point the conveyor will begin to move the vehicle down the tunnel and through the various washing equipment stations. The benefit of a Tunnel Wash system over a Self Service or Exterior Rollover system can be production speed and room for larger, more powerful or modern cleaning systems. There are Tunnel wash systems that can have more than one, or several, cars in the tunnel at a time dramatically increasing production. High-end systems can process over 100 cars in an hour for those ideal locations.

This style of car wash may lend itself to certain land sizes and shapes and to certain demographics as well. A Tunnel wash is often augmented with additional attending employees in what is referred to as a Full-Service Car Wash.

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