Must-Have Jeep Accessories This Spring

Spring is a great time to see what your Jeep is capable of. Whether you’re a diehard off-roader or excited about an upcoming road trip, check out the top accessories for your Jeep this spring. Compare YJ soft top options, floor mats and more as you shop online for great deals.

Floor Mats

The weather in the spring can include a significant amount of moisture. Whether you’re dealing with snow that’s still melting or spring rains, protect the interior of your Jeep from all that moisture. Check out durable floor mats from leading brands. A high-quality floor mat should fit your specific make and model of Jeep and offer deep grooves for trapping water and mud while keeping your feet dry. If they become too dirty, simply remove them and spray them off for easy interior cleaning.

Seat Covers

Seat covers offer the same easy cleaning and moisture protection, only for your seats. Choose neoprene or other material for a rugged, reliable cover. Some covers are custom fit for your vehicle, while others offer a universal fit. Compare prices, colors and padding for a set of covers that keeps you comfortable and your seats safe.

Soft Top

A Jeep soft top is made for spring. Take advantage of the warm weather and sunshine by removing the top and hitting the road. If it starts raining suddenly, a soft top is easy to deploy to protect you and your passengers. Soft tops vary in cost and features, so shop for the ideal top for your driving style. Here are a few examples of soft tops for your ride:

  • Bikini top
  • Flip top
  • Sunlighter top
  • Windjammer top

There are pros and cons to each type, so consider them carefully. A bikini top is one of the most popular tops and is a great way to start your adventure. It isn’t ideal if you hit unexpected rain or cool weather, so it’s sometimes reserved for summertime driving.

A flip top cover may be better for most springtime driving situations. Instead of a fully open top, the flip top creates a convertible experience for your Jeep. Drive free with an open top, then quickly deploy your top to avoid the rain or cool weather.

Car Cover

At the end of the day, your Jeep needs one more accessory to stay safe. Pick up a car cover to avoid dirt, rain and bird droppings damaging your vehicle. A car cover is particularly useful if you have a soft top, since bird droppings left on your soft top can seriously damage it. Be sure you pick out a cover that fits your model of Jeep and matches your storage area. Indoor and outdoor covers use different materials to match the storage situation, so pick up one of each if you don’t always make it back to your garage at the end of the day.

Prepare for Warm Weather and Unforgettable Adventures Today

Prepare for the warm weather today by shopping for a CJ 7 soft top and other must-have Jeep accessories. Enjoy great prices online as you sort through highly rated items that match your make and model of vehicle.

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