How to Get Your Car Ready for Summertime

With every change in season, you should perform specific car maintenance to ensure it is ready for a change in temperature. The emergence of summer is an especially important time to take care of your vehicle, as the heat causes the car to work harder, and it can wear down belts and car paint. Whether you are looking for custom camper covers to help protect your camper, or you need to switch out your snow tires, there are a number of things you can do to prepare for warmer weather.

Keep Your Interior Cool All Summer

High temperatures and intense sun can quickly heat up the interior of the car and cause damage to the dashboard and materials. Fortunately, there are things you can do to protect it. One of the best things to do is keep it out of the sun as much as possible. This means parking in a garage or undercover as much as possible and tinting the windows to limit the amount of UV rays that get in.

If parking indoors is not possible, use a sun shade on the front windshield to protect the interior. There are also car covers you can use to keep the car completely protected from the sun and elements. When choosing a car cover material, make sure you pick one that is meant for outdoor use.

Protect Your Car’s Paint from High Temperatures

Just like extended sun exposure can wreak havoc on your skin, high temperatures and intense rays can cause damage to your car’s paint. Although keeping it indoors is the best prevention, this is not always possible. A car cover will help minimize damage, but one of the best things you can do is wash and rinse the vehicle often to get rid of dust and grime. Afterwards, make sure you dry it by hand to prevent chemical and residue accumulation. Afterwards, polish the car with wax, as this offers a layer of protection from the sun.

The frequency of car washing depends on how much it is in the sun. If it is in the sun all day, five days a  week, you should have it washed at least once, if not twice, a week.

General Car Maintenance

Along with taking steps to minimize sun and heat damage, there are other maintenance things you should do to prepare for summer. They include:

  • Switch from snow tires to regular tires, if applicable, and check tire pressure
  • Inspect the wiper blades and top off wiper fluid
  • Perform an air conditioning inspection to ensure it is running properly
  • Check the battery for corrosion and get a free charge check
  • Top off the coolant
  • Check the oil level and top it off, if necessary
  • Check the brake fluid level and take it into a mechanic if it is low

Summertime is great because it brings nicer weather and higher temperatures. However, these things can cause damage to your vehicle. Whether you need custom truck covers, an oil change, or an A/C recharge, make sure your car, truck, or RV is ready for summer.

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