Plan Your Trip From Munich And Enjoy your Holiday

Looking forward to kicking back the ash of your tired life? Here are some of the best destinations and sights in nearby Munich which are in reach by one-day trips from Munich.

To get you started, here are the best day trips from Munich:

  1. Berchtesgaden
  2. Regensburg
  3. Herrenchiemsee
  4. Linderhof Palace
  5. Garmish-Partenkirchen
  6. Chiemsee

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Looking to travel down to nature’s lap? Here it is all in Berchtesgaden. You will get plenty full of nature in the range of Bavarian Alps which includes high mountains, and hills.

The Berchtesgaden National Park has been blessed with charming Konigssee lakes, surrounding with lushed up flora and greenery by its beautiful trails of forests. 

Over the heights of Kehlsteinhaus situated in the Berchtesgaden, there is one historic sight, ‘The Eagle’s Nest’ for which travelers plan a day trips from Munich.

Its been build at the top-edged of the mountain which has been gifted to the great Hitler in his 50th birthday. This place is has been the meeting site and party hall for Nazi’s or place to impress the foreign guest. Tourists love to take eagles nest tour from Munich for sure when they plan to Berchtesgaden. 

Apart from the mountain ranges, City has a famous Salt mine which has been built at the time of WWII. A journey to reach mine is quite interesting, you can take a train or rowboat to have a look at its wonderful night light show. Visitors claimed that it’s been great to explore this place in their Munich day tour.

Time to reach: 2 & ½ hours by car approx.


With the beautiful riverscape of the city, it been the 4th biggest city in Bavaria state. This riverside city is a water meeting junction of these three rivers Danube, Naab, and Regen give some picture-perfect views to adore.

Localities of this city often say that Regensburg City is a “Germany’s Medieval wonder”, as it has been able to keep the Roman sculpture and architecture reserved till now. Like Roman fort, Castra Regina located it the northern-most part of the Danube which is one of Munich tourist destinations.

Furthermore, city’s some of the pretty places for tourism are Cathedral of St Peter, the Stone Bridge, the Bridge Tower, and the ‘Salt Barn’ which makes your day trips from Munich well good.

In fact, Regensburg city is one of the most visited cities among Germany for exploring the history of Romans. Thus day trips from Munich to Regensburg is something which travelers enjoy to come to make their weekend from Munich make a little change in the environment.

Time to reach: 1 & ½ hours by car approx.


In your Munich castle tours, you must list up this popular yet less crowed Herrenchiemsee New Castle which is been a royal property based in the middle of the island Herrenchiemsee between large Chiemsee Lake.

This castle is another masterpiece of the Mad King Ludwig that builds in honor of the Sun King of France, Louis XIV. Though the lake spreading beauty around the palace, its interior is much more gorgeous than the outer environment which can’t be express in words.

Castle is a replica of Versailles in France. When you get into the entrance of the Castle, you will see that the interior of the Hall of Mirror has been designed and decorated with shiny gold mirrors.

Visitors for day trips from Munich coming here knowing nothing and leaving these places with the remarkable memories to keep for their life.

Time to reach: 1 hour 45 mins by car approx.

Linderhof Palace 

Linderhof palace comes in the bucket list of the places where people prefer to go for their weekend trips from Munich. It is nearby Neuschwanstein Castle and is build by the Mad King.’

Its one of among three the Castle made out by King Ludwig in his life span, which is just stunning, mind-blowing for its design and sculpture done over it. You can even combine it with the Neuschwanstein castle tour from Munich.

It has also a Hall of Mirror which has been fully embraced with mirror work which will make your mind blow. Don’t miss Tapestry Chambers and the famous Venus Grotto which are across the campus of the Castle.

This castle is rich with culture and beauty. There are many wonderful hangings over the walls of the castle. Even outside the castle, you will get gorgeous fountains and sculptured statues that beautify your day trips from Munich valid.

Time to reach: 2 hours

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Garmish-Partenkirchen is located over the ranges of the Bavarian Alps. Ranges are having the highest towering mountain peak in the whole of Germany, Zugspitze Peak which is been impressive for the adventure lover to hike to it.

The place is quite appealing to many due to the cool weather and the greenery spread all around giving the feeling of freshness. To reach the town of this giant peak, you can take a cogwheel train and cable car from Garmish-Partenkirchen which will reach you in 2 hours.

Garmish-Partenkirchen is majorly the best place for skiing and ice skating and ow could you forget hiking when there is a peak. These 2 towns are specialized differ from each other. 

Garmish is known to be the fashionable town whereas Partenkirchen is a stoned street preserved the real aroma of Bavaria country. In all the total who are adventure lover, they will definitely come to this place of day trips from Munich.

Time to reach: 2 hours approx.

Chiemsee Lake

Countries biggest lake, Chiemsee which has been mounted with the largest lake island in Germany, Herrenchiemsee. 

The special attraction of the island is Herrenchiemsee palace decorated with mirrors inside and outside with many sculptures and fountains. 

Apart from this, the lake has many things to do on day trips from Munich. There is one place named Primavera, where you will get outdoor as well as an indoor pool.

Hours spend in this customer complex will be of great fun and enjoyment with your family and kids. So don’t forget to pack your swimming costumes.

Or perhaps just sit beside the lake enjoy nature and mountains. Taking some install-pictures to upload spend your day tour from Munich in a quiet manner which the pretty silence of nature and the scenic view.

Time to reach: 1 hour by car approx.


So, at the end of the blog, we hope that this list of destinations which are been reach of you, if you are being in the capital city of Bavaria, Munich; are best-suited for your enjoyable day trips from Munich.

Neighboring places of Munich which we have mentioned above are accessible to you by a car drive of at most 3 hours. Making a quick weekend trip from Munich possible for you to plan with your family. 

While being in royal state and still separated with the root are a matter of shame, thus you should frequently plan to visit these nearby places by day trips from Munich to old cities and town which shows the European history or just hike to many of Munich castle tours to look stunning, beautiful palaces and castles which will make your eye open wide.

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