Employee Monitoring App: Official Manager at Workplace

Official Monitorings are part of the job. Monitoring app or tracking apps is now used by the majority of organizations to increase the productivity of their employees. It is also used by many employers to ensure the safety of important credentials and ideas. Monitoring app can help to build a healthy and kind environment in the workplace and to eliminate any kind of favoritism, bullying, harassment, and office politics. Monitoring app can help the employees to push their limits and to work deliberately with all their souls and power for the organization. It can help to save all the loyalties of the employees solely for the organization and its employees. You can select any monitoring app, as there is abundant monitoring software commonly known as tracking apps available in the market. All have different features and specialties to offer. Some offer free trials others have a list of packages to offer for customers to select according to their desire and budget. Monitoring apps are mostly used by employers to keep an eye on their employees and parents who want to monitor their teen’s activities and whereabouts.

One of the best Employee Monitoring app we are here to share with you. OgyMogy offers a lot of features that can help to maintain a smooth monitoring system in your organization. Employee monitoring software offers services for MAC and Windows users, along with the android spy app version which can be used in the smartphone of the target person. Thus you can track the employee’s activities through their official systems i.e computers or laptop and their cell phones as well.

Keep A Tab On The Browsing History:

OgyMogy has the feature of tracking the internet browsing history of the target person. Thus you can use this feature to know about all the websites visited by the employees during working hours. You can also visit the bookmarked folder of the respective person as well to know all about their interests and frequently visited sites. You can block certain sites as well to save the time of the employees and make sure that they do not waste time in useless browsing.

Monitor Their Movements:

The monitoring app allows the user to track the exact location of the employees. The track location feature of OgyMogy allows the user to remotely track the exact location of the target person in real-time. You can also check the history of the locations visited by the target person in the past through GPS tracking.OgyMogy can allow the user to virtually mark safe and restricted zones on google map. Thus you will get notified immediately if any employee leaves the safe zone or enter the restricted zone at any given time.

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Keep Track Of Social Media Activities:

Social media is a common source of social interaction and communication.OgyMogy makes sure no one uses social media during working hours as it can divert the employees from the real work. Employee monitoring app has many kinds of apps like a FaceBook messenger app, Instagram app, Line app, Tumblr, spy on Snapchat, and any more to keep track of social media activities of the employees. These apps allow the user to have remote access to all the activity log of social media, chat folder as well as voice record of the target media account.

Ensure The Safety of Company’s Ideas:

Every employer wants to make sure that the organization’s important documents and ideas remain in safe hands. The software can help you with that. It has the best feature of keylogging that allows the user to know about all the keystrokes applied to the target person device. It covers all the email ids and passwords as well. Thus if you suspect any employees that he might be sharing important documents with outsiders, You can check all the emails and their details associated with the device. It gives you access to the inbox folder the sent items and all the attachments file details. Thus any kind of material whether any image, recording, or document shared by any anonymous sources will get notified by you immediately with the help of OgyMogy.
You can monitor all your employees through their gadgets to record their activities inside or outside the working place by using an Employee monitoring app.

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