PDF Bear: How to Use Its Different Tools

PDF Bear is the best platform where you can delete PDF pages, share documents, and protect your PDF files. Aside from those tools, users can also merge, split, repair, rotate, unlock, and convert their PDFs. This website is free to use, and all of its features have instructions that are easy to follow and perform. PDF Bear is also safe and secure to use. So here’s how to use the different tools of PDF Bear.

Delete Pages

If you have unwanted pages in a PDF file that you want to remove or don’t want other people to view quickly, the PDF remover of PDF Bear can help you make your job easier to delete those pages in seconds. This tool is simple and easy to use in removing any pages from a PDF file. Just upload your file, choose the unnecessary pages, and execute the new PDF files’ changes. If you want to know to delete PDF pages, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Drag and Drop or pick the PDF file you wish to remove pages and modify.
  2. Choose or enter those unnecessary pages and press delete.
  3. Apply the changes. The updated PDF will be ready soon.
  4. Hit “Download,” or you can share the file using your Dropbox or Google Drive.

Share Document

If you want to cut the time in sharing your document with other people anytime or anywhere you are, you should try PDF Bear’s Share Document feature by sending emails or the file link to those who need it. All of the files will only stay in the server for one hour, and after that, its system will entirely erase those files. To add to that, PDF Bear uses the 256-bit AES encryption to ensure that your file’s confidentiality is guaranteed. Here are the simple steps on how to use this tool:

  1. Upload your file that you wish to share.
  2. Provide and add the email address of the recipient.
  3. Users can fill out the blank space if they want to send a message.
  4. Directly send your file by email. You can also copy the file link and share that file elsewhere.

Protect PDF

The PDF protection feature of PDF Bear uses the latest technology in adding a password to any PDF files. By uploading the file in different formats like PPT, JPG, Word, Excel, and more, the PDF protection tool will convert it and place a password to it. Many individuals lack the tool to add a password, but the PDF Bear makes it simple, fast, and easy to protect your PDFs.

PDF Bear’s service is a superb and fast way to make your files stay private and confidential. If you want to protect your files, you have to upload them in the PDF Bear’s conversion tool. After that, users can now set a password to their files. After saving the changes and adding a password to your file, the new PDF is protected and encrypted from unwanted people. Follow the steps below on how to protect your PDF:

  1. Hit the “Select Files” button or drag your file to upload.
  2. Add now your password.
  3. Select “Encrypt PDF” to quickly start the process.
  4. You can now download the new and encrypted PDF file.


If you want to make your life easier, you should always use PDF files. If you have current files and want them to be recognizable by any platforms, you must convert all of them. With PDF Bear, converting, compressing, splitting, unlocking, and repairing your PDF files is fast and easy. Besides those, you don’t have to worry about the security of your file because they are deleted after an hour in the system.

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