PDFBear: Safe and Secure For Your PDFs

A portable document format or PDF usually is less editable compared to other file formats. It has a less modifiable feature making it ideal for private data and confidential reports. However, do you think the design alone would be enough for the file to be fully protected? With today’s advanced technology, getting through your PDFs will be easy, unless secured.

PDFs are widely used in almost all corporate entities and personal businesses nowadays. With its compact size, it becomes easier for everyone to share and print the necessary files. PDFs are perfectly designed for those purposes and it perfectly fits the needs of the digital era. Protecting your PDFs becomes a question if you do not have the appropriate tool.

PDFBear: Protecting Your PDF Files

Luckily, PDFBear exists and provides us free and efficient services. One of PDFBear’s best features is that you can add extra protection to your PDF files. It is capable of locking and securing your PDFs with passwords and has a sophisticated system to ensure it never gets accessed by unwanted users. Here are the steps on how to password protect PDF:

  • Select the file you need to secure and drag it to PDFBear.
  • Type a password with a minimum of 9 characters with the mixture alpha-numeric characters, capital letters, and signs, to ensure a stronger password.
  • Select “Encrypt PDF.”
  • And you’re done! Your newly encrypted PDF will be ready to download.

To further boost your confidence, PDFBear has a secure SSL connection. Once the PDF encryption is finished and you have downloaded another file, PDFBear will have set up a different SSL connection leaving fewer traces of your previous encryption. PDFBear also has a 256-bit encryption protocol making your passwords almost impossible to uncover.

PDF Converter Tool

Besides keeping your PDFs secured, PDFBear also offers various services to utilize your PDFs completely. Similar to protecting your PDF, the PDF converter tool is free and efficient. If you have received PDFs that require some changes,  you can convert them to their base format and start editing. You might be surprised how file conversion in PDFBear can be.

PDFBear can convert PDFs to Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, commonly used to create and edit reports and presentations. Once done, PDFBear can also convert them back to the portable document format for you to have the convenience of fast and easier file sharing. You can also visit the site to see more options for their file conversions.

Other Advantages of PDFBear

Instances wherein you encounter oversized PDF files and improper page designation, PDFbear can still be your solution. The PDF Split function allows you to separate your pages and assign them to different file locations. If there are unnecessary pages in your PDF, splitting the with PDFBear is a viable solution. It does reduce not only the file size but also individualizes them.

If your PDF is oversized with too many high-definition images, then the PDF Compress function might help. PDFBear will automatically make the file reduction for you. Lastly, the PDF Merge function allows you to gather different PDFs from different file locations and combine them in an individual piece.


The variation of PDF’s functionality in today’s society is somehow taken for granted by others. You can choose to be wiser and accept the fact that the digital era requires us to be more literate in computer systems. The more knowledgeable and efficient you are on computers, the more convenient it is for you to find decent jobs.

We also cannot ignore the people’s competitiveness, and we have to make sure that everything we worked hard for has its own security. Securing your PDFs or other files does not make you a paranoid, but rather a wiser man. It is always better safe than sorry. PDFBear is the tool you need to efficiently protect your PDFs, and continue to walk your way up.

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